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Jodha Akbar Written Update 03Nov14 "Akbar's nine Jewels & Salim"

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Jodha Akbar Written Update 03Nov14 "Akbar's nine Jewels & Salim"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-11-02, 21:58

The episode begins with Jalal getting furious with the guards allowing three kids out of the palace and one of them being  the heir to the throne ‘

He removes the moghul guards from the guard duties of the palace and orders them hard punishing duties as they had failed and been negligent in their duties grossly 
He gives the Rajwanshi soldiers the task of guarding the palace from hence forth
The Rajwanshi guards shout their allegiance to the shehenshah

Jalal scolds Murad for lying to the  shehenshah and for allowing his brother for leaving the palace in plain clothes
In the harem Jodha is very angry with the kids .. hameeda tries to pacify Jodha but salim keeps trying to talk to her thru Hameeda
Salim then tells his daadi jaan that he loved her the most
Hameeda and Salim share some cute moments
Khane khaana becomes one of the nine jewels of the Akbar’s court
Raja Todermal becomes another jewel so does man singh
Tansen and birbal  were the other two jewels of the court of Jalal  
Abul fasal and Abdul khairi were the other two jewels
Fakir azizuddin was another jewel of his court 

In DEK Jalal discusses the  important matter of how to tackle the situation where their army of moghul sainiks had been cornered by revolting soldiers
Birbal then shares his plan of surrounding the revolting soldiers by sending more moghul soldiers and this way they revolting soldiers would have no way out other than suicide and they would always prefer surrendering than suiciding
All praise Birbal’s plans

Jalal proudly declare that he was so happy to have Birbal  in his court

Elsewhere in the palace 
Murad and Haider discuss how shehanshah discuss how Jalal were always scolding him discuss how jalal gave undue favouritism and was  partial preference to Salim and neglected them

Salima comes there and scolds Murad for allowing Sali to go out of the palace in plain clothes ... Salim was the heir to the throne and all were worried for his safety ... he is warned never to commit the same mistake again

Haider then reaches the ramparts of the palace says  that this was the place from where Jalal had thrown his abbu Adham khan down and killed him ...he vouches to take revenge from Jalal

Jalal comes to Ruku’s hojra and finds salim having cute chat with Ruku
Jalal takes his son away for spending some time with his son
Anarkali’s mother scolds her for misbehaving with salim who was the heir to the throne

Jalal then learns from Salim that Jodha was not talking to him
He had been trying to pacify her all day but she remained cross

Jalal then teaches his son how to pacify Jodha ..... he teaches him Rajwanshi lingo and tells Salim to tell Jodha .. “ how was his father’s gharwaali doing this morning ?? .. he was hungry .. could she make some roties for him ??”

As salim stammers every word that  jalal had taught ....It does not take a moment for Jodha to discover that this was Jalal talking to her thru Salim  orders him to come out from behind the curtains .. Jalal is very please d and jodh forgives Salim

In DEK Jalal orders that there is going to be meena bazaar 
salim tells Jalal that wished to come to meena bazaar too
the other cousins also join in and declare if Salim was coming to MB they would like to join too 

 Jalal explains that MB was only for grown ups.. salim wants to come with his ammi jaan then .. the other kids too join in 
Jalal then smiles at the kids and gives in . he orders that the meena bazaar would be held by the begums with their kids  

precap for tomorrow 
Ruku feels hurt that she could not participate just because she did not have any child 
she asks jalal that she wanted to participate in MB with Salim and Jodha could be relieved of the duties of MB in her place !!
Jalal n jodha are shocked 

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Re: Jodha Akbar Written Update 03Nov14 "Akbar's nine Jewels & Salim"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-11-04, 17:00

I think it will be at Meena bazaar where Anarkali will start befriending Salim

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