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The Day Of Reckoning. Today's Eppy

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The Day Of Reckoning. Today's Eppy

Post by Trinidream on 2014-11-04, 04:26

This is kind of embarrassing posting this, cause I was doing soo well not watching and posted on FB that i have not watched in 3 weeks. and then a friend emailed me and said, "Dani, I think you should watch. I saw something but i'm not going to say what it is. Maybe you could figure out what I saw could be true." 
So, much faith in me.. but I saw what she saw..
So.. Here is what I think is up.

For MOST of the eppy we are shown Aahil taking Sanam (Seher) to their room. He proposes and I wanted to barf.. BUT before Aaahil gets a response from her, he is called away. 

We then see Razia and Seher arguing about the situation. Seeher walks off. Other scenes take place but what i want to get too is what boggled me. Aahil puts on the dvd... at the beginning we see seher falling and aahil catching her... seher looks worried at first and we see  Aahil's expression. .. Then we see the video cut, but then seher as sanam confessing in the video that she'll marry him.. etc... we then get a flashback of a scene NOT SHOWN of Razia offering more money to Seher looking evil, requesting more money. Then we see return to scene where Razia is Happy, Seher gives a smirk, Aahil upset with Tanu and Rehaan happy. 

My guess this is what KV was trying to convey. Aahil WILL find Sanam.

How does that match with what I'm saying? Guys.. Seher's earlier conversation with Rehaan THAT WAS SHOWN IN FLASHBACK... confirmed my suspicion. 

Seher was sooo hurt by Rehaan's words, she walked off in tears. She is hurt by his words and responds that he should not remember that person or go back to that person/ 

You know what Guys.. Seher is turning the tables on Raziya. 

My suspicion in a scene we have NOT seen, JUST LIKE ALL THOSE today... I think Seher went AFTER making the deal with Raziya.. I think she went and told Rehaan Everything. 

She wants him to forget THAT person. The selfish money hungry one. She wants him to not go back to that person who caused him so much grief. She wants him to see a NEW seher. Someone who is honest. I think Seher did go behind Raziya's back and told Rehaan about the deal she made. I think she KNEW about the video being planted last night and told Rehaan about that. I think somehow (since we were shown a lot of off screen moments) that they got back hold of the video thanks to Rehaan who had access to Tanu's room, and ERASED the Raziya conversation and instead Seher taped what she said in the screen. This was to set up Raziya and Tanu. Seher knew she could NOT look in Aahil's eyes and confess her love and accept his propsal. She knew it was not right. She did what he needed to hear but not in his face.. for she knew she did not deserve to have him look at her with love when she said she'll marry him

We see at the end Raziya smiling (cause she thinks she won over Tanu) Seher smirking gazing at Rehaan ( cause she knows that she has set up Raziya and Tanu to trust her. She has owned up to Rehaan. Things will move how she wants now... The reason for the increased money? To show the police maybe that she was BRIBED. Rehaan smiling at Seher? (At first I thought that it was because he was happy for SAHIL, but thinking again and watching again.. I am doubting that reason. IMO, it's because Seher has come to him and confessed. She is no longer after for money and is willing to do what it takes to bring back Sanam. 

where does Aahil fit into this? Aahil knows or will soon. I think Seher will get Razia comfortable enough so that when she asks about Sanam, Raziya will tell her where Sanam is.  Seher will now in turn go to Aahil, we won't see this but.. on the day of the wedding... which most likely will happen in about three days time, so let's say by Thursday... we'll see Seher.. bride... Groom... ????

The groom's face is covered... then coming to the end, after exchanging vows.. between the two.. Qubool Hai/Qubool Hai... we'll see Aahil running somewhere or reaching somewhere with his car running towards the barn where Sanam is.

The groom raises his head piece, it's Rehaan... the bride raises her.. It's Seher. (The replacements to make neither Raziya or Tanu suspicious.) Here we have a double switch and by Friday we have Aahil saving Sanam as per Kv's retweet. 

Tomorrow Sanam will get away but recaptured or trips and gets recaptured.

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Re: The Day Of Reckoning. Today's Eppy

Post by candy on 2014-11-04, 12:15

Oh wow.. Trini.:!! Do you think so.. Am gettin eager to get back to watch the show now.. Have to catch the repeats..

Honestly yaar.. Just now after readin wu.. I was thinkin where is this headin now.. Why am not interested to watch my fav QH.. Readin you.. Am surprised..

If there is a under plan of like wat you said.. It would be best I say.. Seher is not tat naive to believe Razia..and can't do such a betrayal after she had been truly in love with a guy.. And seeing him moving right before her.. How could she do anythin bad for a lovely couple Sahil whom she may not know personally .. After all she is the daughter of Asya.

And I had a thought.. Wil seher open the
Locket of this twins photo and identify
Herself as the twin sister of sanam.. I can't see Ahil break down again .. So truly wish wat you have written to happen..

Thanks told this at right time else I wouldn't have thought to watch y day episode.

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