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Spoiler -Balika Vadhu

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Spoiler -Balika Vadhu

Post by candy on 2014-11-05, 13:01

Anoop heads to the study to speak with Daddu about handling him his share of the property . When he gets there he sees Daddu there hearing Alok attentively. The moments Alok sees Anoop there he kept’s quite and exchanges a look with Anoop. Niranjan is at the bus stand and is quenching his thirst when he sees some one like Nandu talking to Shady people. He leaves the water aside and heads in the direction . When he gets there , Nandu spots Niranjan and he tells the shady people that he has found Niranjan Chachu. Nandu hugs Niranjan. Anoop tells Daddu that he wants a share in the property so that he can start doing business . Niranjan comes to the Badi Haveli with Nandu . Gehna hugs Nandu and asks him what was the need to run away. Nandu tells her that she had forbidden him from meeting Niranjan Chachu but he couldn’t stay away from him. Alok escorts a doctor out of Daddu’s room…


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