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Spoiler -Udaan

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Spoiler -Udaan

Post by candy on 2014-11-05, 13:04

Ishwar sensitizes the post master enough for him to decide to go deliver the money Ishwar sent to Bhuwan’s house. We witness the much awaited moment Chakor’s official training begins as a stern looking Arjun is in action as a traniee. But to everyone’s surprise she is not performing flawlessly like she usually does. The reason are the shoes. She deftly negotiates and convince Arjun to let her run barefoot. We see her running with the speed of a flash as she has removed the shoes. A determined Imli has come to the post master to fetch the money , she was instigated by the argument between her parents over going to Lucknow. The post master tells her he was leaving for her house too to deliver the money. Together they leave for Bhuwan’s house . We see Lakhan has seen them going together in the village in the darkness of the night. Imli’s family is frantically searching for her…..


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