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Roli & Sid To Doubt Surbhi ,Pari To Steal Proof From Police’s Station In Sasural Simar Ka

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Roli & Sid To Doubt Surbhi ,Pari To Steal Proof From Police’s Station In Sasural Simar Ka

Post by candy on 2014-11-05, 18:07

In Sasural Simar Ka, As per the current track Everyone along with the police reach the scrap dealers house and seeing the police, the scrap dealer gets scared. Simar then fearing that the scrap dealer might lie seeing the police, tells the inspector to wait and she then asks the scrap dealer about the previous nights incident. The scrap dealer reveals everything and he even agrees to take them to the place where Prem is held captive. Siddhanth then informs the family members about the latest development and hearing this, Surbhi gets shocked.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Mata ji and all the family members will feel low. Simar will ask Surbhi to come with her in her room. Simar will feels affected while entering Prem’s room after so many years. She will ask Surbhi before going London if she had any chat with prem. Simar will notice Surbhi’s reaction from the mirror. Surbhi is shivering .

Here in temple, Some one will come inside and will open the box. Where it will be revealed that Prem is inside the box. Simar will tell Roli that she has found something while she was asking questions to Surbhi about Prem and also will tell that she has attached on her in Hong Kong. Simar will tell Vikrant about Surbhi’s strange behaviour. Vikrant will say this case is not an easy to solve.

Here Sid will say to everyone that Inspector says they found few proofs related to Prem’s kidnapping. Roli and Sid will watch Surbhi’s expressions. Surbhi will check her all jewelry . Roli will see her while doing this . In Police Station some one will come and will steal the proof.


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