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Sasural Simar Ka 5th November 2014 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 5th November 2014 Written Update

Post by Maria J on 2014-11-05, 20:48

Sasural Simar Ka 5th November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
surbhi is upset simar makes her sit in the room and gives her water. Surbhi syas simar i am so worried for prem, We have to find him. simar says nothing will happen to him. he will be fine wherever he is. my heart is satisfied and it knows nothing will happen to him. She syas surbhi i wanted to ask you something. what did prem say to you before leaving for airport? surbhi is quite and says is heart why is simar asking me all this. surbhi stands up and says he said that he will give my child his name but he will never give me your place. simar says in heart why is she so worried when this is the matter. simar says do some rest for sometime. i will go to mata ji. Simar looks back at surbhi’s pale face.
roli says to simar don’t worry God will show us the way. Roli says didi are you okay? what are you thinking? simar tells her what happened in the room. She syas surbhi was so worried. roli says what could be the reason behind her tension? simar says i have been trying to figure things about. she tells her about the attach surbhi did on her in hong Kong. roli says she tried to kill you and you still sacrificed for her. simar sys she did all this for her child but everything is fine with her now. why is she bizarre now? roli says now you are wrong;. lets go to her and ask what is she concealing. simar says i don’t consider her wrong she did all this in her motherhood. roli says okay i won’t tell anyone but we will have to find what she is hiding.
Scene 2
Simar comes home and sees vikrant in tension. Simar asks are you okay? he says i was worried for prem but don’t lose hope we will find her. simar syas thank you for being such a supportive friend. He says i know prem’s value in your life and i want that smile back on your face. simar says i was thinking about surbhi, she was behaving weird today. may be she is worried for prem and behaving like that. did you find anything? he says searched the by pass but couldnt find anything there was an abandoned temple there. commissioner says its not easy to solve this case. i promise i will find some clue and will find prem.
roli says to sid we are making an asumption but lets see if it works. he says lets do our part. s found some they go down and says inspector has found some proofs its some jewellery that will show whom does that stuff belong to. inspector will come tomorrow to investigate. mausi ji says one of us might find whom does it belong to. surbhi and pari are pale with fear. matab ji says thank God. Surbhi goes to her room roli follows her. she says what should i do? she says when i went to meet prem did i leave anything there? she checks all her jewellery. roli ism peeking in. surbhi says everything is here have they found then? roli says i was right. surbhi is hiding something.
At night, someone comes to police station. contable says to him/her you have just fie minutes. She rummages everywhere. its pari.
She comes back to surbhi and she has some stuff in her hand. they both heave a sigh of relief.
Precap- mata ji slaps surbhi and says this what you gave in return to our love? And you parib you are inolved in all this too? surbhi falls on the floor..


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