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Happiness among troubles…

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Happiness among troubles…

Post by Maria J on 2014-11-07, 16:09

Happiness among troubles…

Shlok, Aastha and Anjali are trying to find the happiness among their troubles. They are away from their families during Diwali. Shlok was laughing heartily seeing Aastha being agitated. He takes her out in order to calm her. He goes on to make her laugh too. Aastha also tries to motivate Shlok to be hopeful of getting a job soon. Despite being away from home and in a place where they are not wanted. Anjali brings light to the house despite being treated so shabbily. These three despite being away from home are remembered by everyone at Agnihotri Mansion. NA misses his ladla son and reminisces Anjali and Aastha’s words often. Jaya keeps trying to instigate Sojal to impress NA and take over the reins in the household. Varad is trying to unsurp Shlok’s place in the house and also NA’s business. Sojal is sad and misses Anjali and Aastha and is upset to see the way Varad is lying and forcing her to do the same. Kavya misses her Aaji, favourite chachu and chachi.

Thanks for reading me. Do share your views. 

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