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Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th November 2014 Written Episode

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th November 2014 Written Episode

Post by Tanthya on 2014-11-07, 21:43

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th November 2014 Written Episode
The Episode starts with Maya stopped at the security check. She says she has an artificial limb and shows the doctor’s certificate. The lady asks her to come for security check. Prema comes there and acts like being in hurry. She says she is an artist and wants the seat nect to Mr Kumar. Maya gets checked and says she has metal rod in the leg, so its beeping. She gets cleared and is allowed to go to flight. Prema also passes the security check. Her necklace beeps. Prema says its heavy jewelry, I have concert in Dubai, my flight will leave now, please let me go. She says if she misses the flight, she will be responsible. She is allowed to go. Prema says thanks and goes.

The bank official lady gets angry seeing a man and says I don’t want to sit with you. He says your choice. She sits by his side. Disha waits for Prema and Maya. The pilots have a talk and take off the flight. Maya comes and sees Disha. Everyone is asked to wear seat belt and switch off the mobiles. Maya waits for Prema. Prema comes there and she is relieved. Prema sees the commando and says this window seat is mine, can he switch the seat as she is pregnant and is afraid of height. He says sure. She thanks him. Sooraj calls Sandhya while she is lying on the road unconscious. He worries for Sandhya. Maya thinks juts few mins more. The plane starts moving. Sooraj asks Bhabho will she talk at home before flight takes off. Bhabho says yes, call them.

Sooraj calls home. Bhabho talks to Meenakshi. Babasa hides the pakodas hearing Bhabho’s name. Bhabh says I m in flight, it will fly soon, I thought to ask is everything fine. Meenakshi says fine and asks did she get air filled in the plane tyres. Bhabho says everything is fine, but I m feeling restless, as I m worried for family. Meenakshi says I will manage everything, we don’t know you are here or not, no I mean, I m missing you a lot. Bhabho says I know how much will you miss me, take care. She asks about Babasa. Meenakshi asks Babasa to talk.

He says I won’t talk, she will know about pakodas. Bhabho hears it and understands. Meenakshi says you know everything and tells Babasa. He asks Bhabho not to worry, and when she comes back, he will be like she wants. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to wear winter clothes as its cold. Meenakshi says you are saying as if you won’t come back, its matter of one week. Bhabho says talk positive, stay together, and support each other. The instructions are shown by the flight stewards. They ask everyone to switch off mobiles and laptops as flight is taking off now. Bhabho ends the call and gives phone to Sooraj.

Everyone wear the seat belts. Sooraj thinks about the last time he travelled in plane with Sandhya. Sandhya got jealous seeing the air hostess and Bhabho asked her not to get angry as she is just tying the seat belt, not taking Sooraj along. Sooraj misses Sandhya. Sandhya opens her eyes. The cabin crew is ready for take off. The flight takes off. Bhabho prays. Sandhya is taken to the hospital. Captain Amit talks to passengers asking them to enjoy the flight, and they will reach Dubai in two hours. Maya thinks its one hour for RK’s hanging. Sweety plays with her mum. Bhabho sees them and smiles.

Bhabho thinks about family. Sooraj says he will call Sandhya once he reaches Dubai. Gautam says the journey is long. Sooraj says I m Sooraj Rathi and this is my Bhabho. Prema hears songs and thinks mission time starts now.

Maya hijacks the plan and kills the air hostess. She talks to Sandhya and SP asking them to stop RK’s hanging.


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