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Meri Ashiqui tumse hi written update 7th November 2014

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Meri Ashiqui tumse hi written update 7th November 2014

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-11-07, 23:54

Parul gives Ishaani and RV gift, it was a wedding night in 5 star hotel. They were all shocked, Amba leaves. Ishaani asks wedding night, she doesn’t have to go to anywhere with anyone. RV asks Parul to leave it, as Ishaani is tired. He is going to his room, she must not have anything less, she must look after it. RV leaves, while Chaitali asks Pratik and others to leave. She asks Ishaani why she is doing so, she has got married now. Their life, and living depends on her. She must think that she is going for picnic to 5 star hotel. She leaves saying, if she has married she will have to fulfill it.
Ritesh looks for Chaitali, she was taking miracle juice for Ishaani. She and RV will come closer to each other this way. She shows him the packet, and goes taking the juice.
Sharman says to Parul that he can send Ishaani with RV. He says he has hidden RV’s shoes, if she can find those shoes in fifteen minutes, he will send Ishaani with RV. They challenge.
Binda tells Amba that she was saying this was their house, that is why RV brought them here. Amba goes to ask Hansa, Lakshmi tells her to stay calm and not let RV know about it.
RV comes to lounge thinking about his shoes. Parul comes running after Sharman, he was wearing his shoes and asks for his money. RV says it is ritual, that is why he is giving money. Sharman says he isn’t getting it all alone. The go to bring Ishaani downstairs. There CHaitali gives RV juice, and tells him to make Ishaani drink it and forbids him to drink it himself. She asks Ishaani to enjoy. They all leave. The receptionist congratulates RV and takes name of Ritika in place of bride. Pratik corrects them, the managet tells them their wedding suite is ready. Sharman asks them to go to room, they will leave. Ishaani leaves for inside, Parul sends RV behind.

They enter the room, RV asks Ishaani to come to bed. There was a heart of roses on the bed. Ishaani looks at them all, and heads towards the bed. She sits on the corner of the bed while RV goes to the bed side. As she sits, a toy gets pressed and makes noise. RV smiles, while Ishaani throws in on the floor. Ishaani shouts at RV that this is all he wanted for her, he must be enjoying as it was his biggest dream. She gets him by collar, and asks how could you. How could he do this to get her. How can he fell down so much, after getting a lot of success. He didn’t see her pain, her relations, and her love. He just saw his happiness, and planned this all. He made them lose, snatched their home. He then came to them as a savior. She takes him by collar, and says he snatched everything from her, just to get it. She cries in front of him. What he thought, he did it all for love. She says she did it for his own stubbornness. He wanted to get her, because she rejected him. He came to take revenge from her, he wants the revenge, he must take it. She removes her dupatta and says he may take her, and calls for him. She cries, while he moves to her. She backs up. He gets her onto a wall.

PRECAP: Ishaani finds a nighty in the wardrobe. RV comes to her and reminds it is a honeymoon suite.

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Re: Meri Ashiqui tumse hi written update 7th November 2014

Post by sarra0 on 2014-11-08, 04:14

thanks sabi

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