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Sasural Simar Ka 8th November 2014 Written Episode

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Sasural Simar Ka 8th November 2014 Written Episode

Post by Tanthya on 2014-11-08, 20:34

Scene 1
Inspector tells them that corpse is of prem’s driver.
Simar is packing sanju’s stuff. Vikrant is there. Simar says I wanted to say something. Simar says, I want you to move on in your life. You have to start anew. Vikrant says, I know that it will be difficult for you to handle sanju and anjali together. She says its not like that. He says I want your life to be stable after that I will think about mine. Simar syas I was just thinkinh about you. Its not easy to live alone. He says this lonliness kills me as well. First sunnaina and then baa and karthik everyone left one by one. Simar says no one know how fate plays. He says what about prem? Simar says we have no information about the woman, roli calls simar and asks her to come home. He says lets go home I will gove you sanju’s stuff later.
Roli says we have a way to find prem. Mata ji says share it with all of us. roli says someone from outside the ciy must gave abducted him. according to the man there were people with that woman and a toe truck. Insoector says we have no clue about those cars. roli says we can find the toe truck. If the people were from other city the toe truck must be from some other city as well. There were no toe truck from dehli on by pass road. There are 5 national highways. Virkant says why would they go together. Roli syas they must have amade a mistake. simar says yes the must have. inspector says you are such a genius. Inspector asks for a checkpost on all the highways. They all join hands in and hands to show the unity. mata ji says I am proud of our unity.

Scene 2
At night roli and rest of the family are watching cctv videos of all 5 national highway. the mubai highway video us not clear. They see prem’s car and say so this is it. He says e can reach them with help of Mumbai police. sujat says I will go there I wanna meet my son. sid says maa calm down we will find him. Sid says me roli vikrant and simar will go with you as well.

Scene 3
They are on their way to Mumbai. Simar sees the temple and says please stop the car here. She goes inside the temple. Prem is abducted there. Simar says I wanna go in. She steps up. She goes in the direction of that alcove. she says prem ji. Suddenly she changes her directions and roams around the temple. Simar opens the door of that alcove. she steps in. She inspects the room and sits by the large white trunk. Roli comes in as well. simar says I feel and urge to come here. roli says you have calm uyour heart. We have to leave. Suddenly simar stops and looks at the white alcove again. Simar sits besides it. She opens it. She is quite. roli vikrant and sid come in the room.

Precap-inspector says we hould find him on different ways, they are in a jungle all looking for prem. simar cries and says what is happening. 


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