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Bandhan -Written Update- 10th November 2014

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Bandhan -Written Update- 10th November 2014

Post by candy on 2014-11-10, 20:46

Bandhan 10th November 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1

Mahesh says ganesh you know this is the beginning and the path is so difficult. I thought I was alone having this responsibility but when you are with me I will face everything. darpan is right she has the brother. I know you will always take care of her. he nods. Mahesh and prabha take darpan to her room. Mahesh says ganesh does so much for darpan he didn’t let her cry and celebrated her birthday. Mahesh says I am feared this is the beginning. How will we conceal truth from darpan. you don’t know what vishwas rao is. He puts an end to enemies.

darpan wakes up and sees that ganesh is not where. she sees her family photo on the floor and there is some blood on elephant toy. she wakes up from her dream. She goes out and looks for ganesh everywhere. She asks tara have you seen ganesh? she says yes I saw him in morning. darpan goes out but ganesh is nowhere.

darpan goes to forest she can’t find ganesh anywhere. She prays and says please God find ganesh. Ganehs comes. Darpan says where were you I have been looking for you. you were plucking these sugar canes. I won’t let you come in. Some is keeping an eye on them. Darpan says lets eat this sugar cane and then we will paly hide and seek. Dev and his men are there.

darpan and ganesh enjoy the sugarcane. dev says to his men follow them and catch this wild beast when you get a chance. Game will be over after that. dMahesh are playing hide and seek. darpan is hidden and Mahesh is looking for her. Darpan counts till ten. Ganesh is looking for her. He finds her in the end. Darpamn says you are a cheater I don’t wanna play with you. She says are you angry as well? They go in separate directions. Dev and his men are moving towards ganehs. They see ganesh going alone. Dev asks his man to go after darpan and not let her come here. He follows his command.

Darpan sits at a place an says I will never talk to him until he comes himself. Dev’s man is keeping an eye on her. Dev and his men are following ganehs. Ganehs comes under the trap but senses it. He steps back and so does dev and his men. Ganesh farts on their faces. They are fainting with the smell and he runs meanwhile. Devb asks him men to follow him. Ganesh is running the forest. Dev and his surround him. dev says have you seen and elephant rat? You will see it today. He thinks he is smart and look what will happen to him now. Dev and his men are itching the wounds. his man says what s happening. Dev is itching as well. They are itching each other and ganesh flees.

Darpan sys I will be angry with him. Ganesh comes to her. dapan says no sorry I am angry. Ganesh tries to tell her what has happened. dev says he will have to pay for this. darpan says you wanna play again? she goes and starts counting.

ganehs goes to hide and sees dev with a gun. he says I will shoot darpan get in the truck. Ganehs gets in the truck

[color=red]precap-darpan is looking for ganesh everywhere. she come near truck.


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