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Humsafars Written Update 10Nov14 ."The Gabbar Vs The. Designbaaz"

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Humsafars Written Update 10Nov14 ."The Gabbar Vs The. Designbaaz"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-11-10, 21:50

. The episode begins  with .... Arzoo penning down a nasty resigntion letter for Sahir .. Addressing him as Sahir Gabar Chiudhary
Her sister myra pleads her not to go over board but  she writes as per her own sweet will and she signs it as Arzoo designbaaz angrily

In his office Sahir is passing orders that the design in charge for Jannat was Zrzoo nausheen Khan

Arzoo reaches office and thinks of placing the resignation letter on Gabbar's desk ..
And she speaks to the empty chair  that Gabbar you can enjoy reading this letter

Arzoo then goes back to her ammi and daadi and her sisters

She shocks  then  by informing that she had resigned and was in full opinion that mumbai was not the place for her but they should all go back to lucknow
She then learns that theu paternal house was not their any more
She is distraught more because of the fact that her mother had hidden this news from her .. Rather than the loss of their house their father had taken the house from them
Nausheen pacifies arzoo that they could bot see their arzoo in tears or broken .. She was their  hope after all

The whole family then curses sarfaraz sheikh their father
Daadi weeps unconsolably
But arzoo declares that they did not need their father .. None of them would now shed tears any more
Arzoo vouches to fight their father

Aroo then realises she neded this job and rushes to sahir's office to take back her resignation letter

At ANam's  room She is making preparations to go to panchgani fashion show with Sahir like every year
She orders latest dresses
Kurti appa comes there  and is happy to learn Anam was going to Panchgani with Sahir for five days and with out Sahir being present KA would throw that lucknawai bakri out of the house

KA happily walks out only to collide with Alvira who is very happy that every thing of fallling in place just as she wished
KA alvira challenge eachother .. Alvira says she will win the challenges as Sahir n Arzoo would soon become one heart n soul
Arzoo reaches sahir's office and picks up her resignation letter still lying untouched on. Sahir's table thanking the lord .. But next moment sahir enters and questions her intentions behind loitering about in his office
Arzoo has no option but to show him her letter

Sahir reads that letter .. Loudly .. Emphasising every word
Arzoo squirms as sahir reads that letter

He enjoys Arzoo's predicament .. He reads ot with a vengeance .. He knows Arzoo does not want him to see that letter and wants it back .. But he insists on reading and arzoo has  no escape but to squirm and stand rooted at the spot as her letter is read out word by word by Sahir .... that .. If he was compared to Sholey ka Gabbar Singh .. Gabbar would be hundred  times better than him ..  

She curses the day she met him and complains that his saiyaara was only full of liars and thieves ...she tells him to remain with his jala huvaa toast all his life .. That he was the biggest khadoos ...

That working with him was sodifficult that after working with him life in general became  so much easier .. And if the lord pardones herone murder she would surely murder Sahir
Sahir is seen angrily questioning her about his murder
She explains that she was just joking .. not threatening him . She Just wrote is angrily did not mean it
Arzoo is ..scared ...sahir keeps stepping towards her and she keeps stepping back ...

Sahir gets furious after reading her letter and throws it on his desk
Sahir questions her on her plans to murder him
She pleads that it wasn't her intentions .. She was joking ..  

He asks her that his face was like a burnt toast and he was lakhs times worse than gabbar singh
Arzoo apologises and expresses regrets ..but sahir tells her angrily that he accepted her resignation
He orders her to leave his office while he seriously gets back to his work
Arzoo leaves his office reluctantly

Back at home KA and Alvira continue their challenging matches
KA challenges that she would never succeed in getting arzoo close to sahir as sahir was going  away for 5days  to Panchagni with  Anam

Alvira gets thoughtful and replies that five days out of the city would be an ideal time to get the two closer
KA is not able to understand alvira's motives
Alvira thinks that the one to accompany sahir to panchgani will not be Anam but Arzoo

Precap Alvira is smiling as she screw caps one bottle
Anam wakes up ready to leave with sahir ... Only to discover her face covered with rashes .. She is shocked to see her reflection in the mirror . Sh screams with horror ...

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Re: Humsafars Written Update 10Nov14 ."The Gabbar Vs The. Designbaaz"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-11-10, 23:53

Loved the Arsah scene in the office reading the R Letter

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