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Saanchi's plan to fail which leaves her disappointing!

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Saanchi's plan to fail which leaves her disappointing!

Post by riyya6 on 2013-04-23, 05:46

In the upcoming episode of Sunjoy Wadhva's Sphere Origins daily popular show Balika Vadhu, we
will see a lot of drama unfolding. We will see that Anandi (Toral
Rasputra) makes cake for Shiv (Siddharth
Shukla) but Saanchi (Roop
Durgapal) is unhappy with the idea and plots a plan to spoil the

In the previous episode of the show we have already seen
that initially Saanchi did not like Anandi. However, later she starts
acknowledging her, but yet there is something which is stopping her to accept
Anandi as her brother Shiv's wife. Hence in the upcoming episode of the show we
will see that Saanchi tries to spoil the preparation of cake which Anandi is
making for Shiv but she does not succeed. This leaves her disappointing and

On the same we got in touch with Saanchi a.k.a Roop
Durgapal and she said, "Yes, I will been seen trying my best in spoiling the
cake that my bhabhi makes for my brother. I try to tamper the oven settings so
that the cake burns, but somehow Anandi comes there and my plan flops. Later,
the entire family appreciates the cake made by Anandi and I feel disappointing."

On why she does this Roop says, "Whenever Anandi tries to be modern, my
character Saanchi feels irritated. I have started appreciating her for few
things but not for all as I think that she is not yet perfect for my brother.
Also after knowing Jagdish (Shashank
Vyas), I feel he is a nice guy and I also have a liking for him, hence this
makes me think that the divorce between Jagya and Anandi has taken place due to

To know what happens next, don't miss watching this interesting
episode of Balika

Credit : TB

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Re: Saanchi's plan to fail which leaves her disappointing!

Post by anurao66 on 2013-04-23, 07:46


Thanks for sharing the information.

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