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fooling us again?

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fooling us again?

Post by NAUGHTYMONKEY on 2014-11-12, 23:15

saher sanam face to face means there must be a transparent wall between them. hppy i remember kvb and surbhi's interview in kohinoor project scene, that dilshad is going to meet her grand daughters.the way they said ,that they were going to hug each other and cry, but nothing like that. yes she saw them fm far. nobody had any clue. none of her grand daughters even bothered to see her face when they were helping her. so stop fooling us please! Rolling Eyes No i am still on break fm QH. i get to know little bit about QH fm the post. aahil is still acting like a dumb husband. very disappointing. more than a month still could'nt recognize his wife, that is so depressing. so until saahil's are back i am not watching, even its not going to be the same anymore. because the writer and her team completely ruined the image of saahil. god knows when this ugly track is going to end. in the meantime i can watch and enjoy different show. lazee peace


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