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Humsafars: SPOILER--13th November 2014

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Humsafars: SPOILER--13th November 2014

Post by pollyanna on 2014-11-13, 21:32

Sahir and Aarzoo are both looking at the moon, and both have their own views about it.

Aarzoo is sleeping and Sahir who couldn't sleep is infatuated with her. He gets lost for a moment but then as soon as he realizes it, he removes his frustration by hitting a tree with an axe. Seeing this kind of behaviour from Sahir, Aarzoo is disturbed and clueless. (Repetition of yesterday's spoiler)

Kurti Apa who was searching something in Sahir's room comes inside of Niyamat house and sees Alvira standing in front of bonfire. We see an album getting burnt.  Alvira is burning the album which was the trump card for Kurti Apa to send Aarzoo back to Lucknow. 

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