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Problems everywhere…

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Problems everywhere…

Post by Maria J on 2014-11-14, 14:47

Problems everywhere…

Hi!!  long hug

Yesterday everywhere there were problems. Jaya was having an issue with the gifts Varad brought for Jyoti. She even made Sojal suspicious. I’m not surprised about Jaya but Sojal seems to be again lending ears to her mom’s interference. This spells trouble.

Sid & his family are upset with Jyoti as she got late and the cupboard was locked. Renuka gave her caustic remarks and Riya also showed her irritation by going to meet her future in-laws without doing any tamjam as previously thought by her. She was so sweet to Jyoti earlier but looks like it was just an act.

Chowksi invites Shlok and Aastha to his son’s birthday party. And this created added burden on the two as to what gift to give. Precap makes me suspicious of Chowksi’s real intention. He surely can’t be what he is portraying to be.

Thanks for reading me. Do share your views. 

Maria J

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