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Humsafars| The Pain of Falling in Love

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Humsafars| The Pain of Falling in Love

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-11-14, 16:15

Humsafars| The Pain of Falling in Love
by 2 FORUM 32 on NOVEMBER 14, 2014


Falling in love, not an euphemism but a fact. It hurts when one falls in love. Terribly. And no one wants to feel pain. That is what Saahir Azim Choudhary (Harshad Chopda) is going through. Pain. He in fact equates life itself to a journey that is pain. If life is synonymous to pain, how can love to him be any different.
In his need to alleviate some of what he is going through, he first finds an activity that gives him more pain to counter what he is feeling inside and when he believes it is giving him some solace, the source of his original pain touches him. And he bursts in flames. He tells her to stay away from him.

What has happened in his past that makes him beyond being wary of an emotion that is supposed to fill one’s heart with joy? Why does one see angst in him when there should have been elation?

He did say sometime, “Mera ateet mujhe ijaazat nahi deta…”  or words to that effect, which can only meant that there is something that holds him back from feeling what he feels for Arzoo Nausheen Khan (Shivya Pathania).

Why does her having gone through pain as well affect him so? Why did he feel like comforting her when he heard about her past? What is it that affects him about her?

Watch the show on Monday to find out more about Saahir’s past.
The show will change its timing from 18th November to 8:30pm and will air from Monday to Friday as well. Humsafars on Sony TV.

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