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Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2014 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2014 Written Update

Post by Maria J on 2014-11-14, 20:27

Sasural Simar Ka 14th November 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Vikrant says I will never leave you. my love for you can never change. Prem tries to stand up. He syas vikrant. Vikrant goes to prem and hits him. He sys tay here now. when he turns bac k simar isn’t there. She is hdden behind curtains. He looks for simar. He looks for her outside the house. Vikrant says no one can stop me from taking you. Not even you. come out. I gave you a new life, we spent two years. prem syas don’t come out. Vikrant holds Vikrant’s leg and says she is my wife and she will always be. Vikrant says you can’t stop me. Simar ays in heart what should I do. Vikrant looks for her in the temple and in different rooms. Simar goes to the other side. Mahesh says I never knew hat you were this evil. darpan says ni bab he helped us in escaping. he is my pal. that uncle abducted ganesh. Prabha says lets leave Mahesh. Mahesh goes to vishwas and says keep one thing in mind if anything happens to my family I will chase you till hell.
Vikrany says simar come out. we can play this hide and seek at my place too Simar turns off the main switch. entire house is dark. Vikrant turns on the light of his phone. He syas simar this is too much now. He comes to the hall. simar holds a rod and is about to attack him. Vikrant sees the switch and turns on the light. Vikrant syas you wont listen like this. o dpnt wanna play anymore. He takes out a knife and says look at your prem. He places it on prem’s neck He says of you don’t come till I count 10 I will kill him. prem says don’t come out he wont do anything. vikrant says I can kill him as I already buried him. He starts counting 1,2,3,4.. simar is besides the door. she says what should I do? should I go out and ask for her. vikrant says 5,6,7.. She says vikrant can kill prem. vikrant says 8,9.. simar comes out and says vikrant leave him. He grasps her hand. He says I have been looking for you. simar says you have made fun of our friendship. He says I hate this word friendship. But not anymore. I will take you far away from here. simar syas this is not your triumph vikrant. He says look at your fmly they are like insects right now. I got you with my strength. Simar says when ravan couldn’t get seta how can you get me. He says I need your love. simar says this is never going to happen. There is a Ram for each ravan. Be scared of your end. Vikrant sayas I will take you from here in front of your husband and this whole bharadwaj house. no one can stop me. He grasps simar’s arm. simar holds prem’s hand. She says please no. vikrat hauls her out. Simar’s hand slips from prem’s/ She is crying.
Scene 2
Simar opens her eyes in a dark room. SHe is in tears. SHe stands up. She says I have to escape before vikrant comes. She tries to find a way out. Vikrant says are you leaving? Simar stops. vikrant says listen one thing before leaving. Its about Anjali. I love you I wont even touch you without your permission. I have Anjali. Do as I say. simar syas my daughter. He syas relax simar she is fine and safe. I took Anjali and sanjuy with me to buy the gifts. He says don’t wprry they are both fine. I will take you to them and we four will be a happy family. I will love Anjali more than sanju only till you agree to me. I am taking you there and if you try to act smart you wont ever see Anjali again. You are both part of my life but anjaali’s life is in your hands. I am going to make some calls. simar is crying. she sits on the floor.
Mata ji opens her eyes and recalls that woman. She looks are at all the fainted people. She is totally dazed. se tries to get them all up. Mausi ji wakes up. Everyone gets up in disbelief. rajhinder syas who was that woman? mausi uji says what she did that we all fainted? Karuna says was she the tief? mata ji sees prem.
Precap-prem tells everyone that woman was virant. He loved simar. He disguised as a woman to fool us. He finds simar’s ring on the floor. 


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