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Balika Vadhu 14th November 2014 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 14th November 2014 Written Update

Post by Maria J on 2014-11-14, 21:52

Balika Vadhu 14th November 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jagya getting romantic with Ganga. Ganga asks him to leave her as anyone can see them. Jagya asks what is this? You don’t have time for me. We will go out. Ganga says it is a good idea. Jagya says then I have to steal you forcibly. Dadisaa comes and see them romancing. She makes noise and takes water for her. Ganga says you should have told me. Dadisaa says I thought you were sleeping. She goes to her room. Jagya gets romantic again. Ganga tells him that Dadisaa may come back. Dadisaa comes back and see them romancing again. She gets surprised and smiles. Ganga and Jagya get shy and silently goes to their room.
Sona gets flashbacks of some men molesting her. She wakes up shockingly from sleep.
Vivek comes back home. Saachi asks him to freshen up and says she will serve the dinner. Vivek asks her to give him a hug. He says he saw something on the way so enjoyed with his friends. He seems to be in drunkard state. Saachi asks what did you see? Vivek says I saw two love birds. Guy was changing the car tyre and girl was helping him. That girl even forgot that she has a husband. Saachi gets shocked and says how can you think like that. Mittal gave me a lift. Vivek laughs and says you shall tell me that something is special. I have an illegitimate relation with my boss. Saachi shouts and reminds him that she is his wife. Vivek says love can’t be hidden. Everything is clear that you have a relation with your boss, then I thought why shall I suffer. I too should enjoy life. He tells her good night and says I am going to guest room. I don’t think I can sleep near you. Saachi gets shocked.
Jagya comes to meet Sona. Sona serves him tea. Jagya says I came to see if you have any problems. Sona says no. She says I can’t forget your favours. This tea is yours as it is brought by school canteen. Jagya tells her that his wife is coming here to give her some important things. Sona is thankful to him. Jagya praises Ganga and says it is my Dadisaa’s idea. Sona says she heard about Kalyani Devi. Jagya says people know me as I am a doctor and MLA. Jagya thanks her for tea. Sona asks for the tablets. Jagya says he will send it with his wife. He leaves.
Vivek recalls seeing Saachi with Mittal on the road. Suman comes and says I thought you went to court. Vivek says I was thinking about the case. Suman asks did you think about your and Saachi’s case. She says I am seeing something is not well between you and Saachi. Vivek says I am getting late. I will come late in the evening. He leaves.
Saachi is in her office and thinks about Vivek’s words. She gets tensed and lost. Mr. Mittal comes and asks what is wrong with you. Why you are not answering the phone calls. Saachi disconnects the call. Mr. Mittal asks what are you thinking? Saachi says I am thinking about my resignation letter. I have decided not to come to office from tomorrow. Mr. Mittal asks her not to do that. Saachi asks him to understand and says my family and marriage are important for me. She walks off.
Sona is praying in the temple. She turns to go and stops when she sees Ganga stepping down from jeep. She thinks how can she be in Jaitsar. She gets shocked and hides. Ganga proceeds towards the temple.
Gehna tells Dadisaa that Niranjan have not come till now and even Nandu is not here. She turns and sees Niranjan. Niranjan tells her that Nandu asked him some questions so he came early. Gehna says Nandu is changing clothes so I came early. Nandu comes. Gehna goes to bring breakfast.
Jagya and Ganga come to school. Ganga goes to visit the temple in the school premises. Jagya tells the peon to inform Sona that they have come. Sona sees Ganga coming and thinks did she see me in the temple.
Sarpanch opposes Gehna’s marriage with Niranjan. Dadisaa is adamant to get Gehna marry Niranjan and is firm on her decision. Everyone looks on. 


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