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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th November 2014 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th November 2014 Written Update

Post by Maria J on 2014-11-15, 22:03

Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th November 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sooraj trying to divert Maya. She opens the cockpit door and they catch Maya. Babasa prays for Sooraj and everyone. The pilot contacts ATC. Pilot Amit says them that the plane hijack failed, as the passengers have caught all the terrorists. Sandhya and everyone smile. Amit says Sooraj Rathi made this possible. Sooraj smiles and thinks how they have caught Maya. Maya shouts help and calls out Disha and Prema. Sandhya smiles hearing about Sooraj Rathi’s bravery. Vadeja says we are proud of Sooraj Rathi. Arjun asks to talk to Sooraj, as minister wants to talk. Sooraj is given the headphone. Sandhya hears him.
The minister talks to him and says you did a brave act, the country is proud of you, and well done. Everyone clap for Sooraj. Arjun says good job. Sooraj says I request you to inform all families that we are safe and two are dead, we regret. Arjun says I will make the announcement. Arjun says we have a good news, the country is proud and minister gave your name for national award. Sandhya smiles. Sooraj says he is not alone, his fellow passengers, Dr Gautam and air hostess Jyoti is also with him, he did it with them, he gave me courage. Sandhya’s watch plays, and the Diya aur baati hum…………. Music plays………… She says sorry. Sooraj hears it and asks is Officer Sandhya there, can I talk to her.
Arjun smiles and says yes, she is here. Sandhya talks to him. She says Sooraj ji and he gets tears in his eyes. He says Sandhya ji are you fine. She says all the passengers are coming back to us, all thanks to you. He says even I m excited to come back. He cries and gives the headphone to pilot. Vadeja tells congrats captain, we did not have the solution for this big problem, well done. The pilots prepare for emergency landing. Vadeja says I understood Sooraj Rathi is your husband, am I right. Sandhya says yes. He says congrats, media is waiting for you, go and give them the good news. She leaves. Vadeja says he will personally receive Sooraj.
Sandhya comes out and is happy that Sooraj did a brave work. She dances and Arjun and Vadeja see her, doing ummmhmm….. she stops. They walk by her side. She wears her police cap and says I m sorry, i….. Vadeja says I will leave. Arjun smiles and says policemen are also humans, and dance is good when its such a good news. He leaves. She smiles. Everyone see the news about Sooraj Rathi saving the passengers, as Sandhya gives the good news to them. Zakir and Babasa see this in the hospital.
She says 2310 is coming back to country safe and terrorists are caught by the brave passengers. Sandhya names Sooraj, Dr Gautam and air hostess Jyoti. Babasa says my Sooraj, he has fought with the terrorists and saved everyone. Zakor happily cries and speaks up, saying very good. Babasa is stunned and says he is very happy.
Maya, Disha and Prema are caught. Bhabho talks to Sweety’s grandma. The lady thanks Bhabho for saving her daughter. Bhabho asks what. The lady says you are lucky to have a son that he loves you so much and was ready to give his life, but my fate does not have such son, my daughter got me here and my son taunted her till when will she keep me with her, if anything happened today, he would have taunted her more, but we are fine. They cry. She says like I have my son, you have a daughter. Gautam tells his ex wife Kavya that we will reach Jaipur in some time and then… She says then busy in our work, I have to leave for Dubai, I can’t miss my imp meeting. Sooraj sees Gautam crying. Gautam thanks him for caring for him being a stranger, some people are no made to be together.
Sooraj talks to Kavya and asks her to give another chance to Gautam. He says we have fought together, and we are like family, I m saying this as a brother, Gautam is a good person, he still loves you. He says why should we sacrifice love for anything. She sees Gautam playing with Sweety and smiles. Maya gets short of breath. Prema and Disha worry. Maya asks for her asthma pump. Prema says give her pump, she will die. The man says I think she is acting. Disha says no, she really has asthma, have pity on her. Shanky says don’t trust her, she is acting, why should we pity her.
Disha asks Gautam to see Maya is not acting. Maya gets more unwell. Gautam gives her the pump and she gets fine. Prema and Disha are relieved. Sooraj asks everyone to sit. Maya looks at Sweety and makes a new plan.
Prema catches Sweety. The ATC officer says 2310 is contacting again. Everyone get worried.


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