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Post by Trinidream on 2014-11-16, 01:12

If my theory is correct.. WONDERFUL.. if it's not, well who cares, Sahil are reuniting soon anyway.
Shimmer made a keen observation in the precap.
There were two different people at the dargah.
One with open hair with Rehaan (looking like Sanam) and one with a ponytail (looking like Seher)
I think two of them are there. I think possibly planned by SEHER.
KV said that Aahil learns that he has been with his sister in law for sometime now and not Sanam.
We were also told that Seher is going to learn that Rehaan has been looking for her and decides to win back Rehaan's love by helping Sanam.
Here is where this theory comes into play.
Supposing one of 2 theories.
1. Seher tells Raziya that Aahil is taking her to the dargah then they are having a party followed by the nikaah. She tells Raziya that she cannot be two places at once, as Tanu is determined to kill Sanam and that her life will be at risk, she will be a target and she could possibly be killed. 
Sanam overhears the conversation Raziya is having on the phone and learns what has happened. Seher tells Raziya to release Sanam. They could use her as a placement, so that while Tanu, Khala and Khalu are tracking down one of them to kill them, they'll really be tracking down the other. One will keep an eye on Tanu, khala and khalu and take the target off the other.

Sanam sees what is happening and tells Raziya that her sister is right. They could work together to destroy Tanu for humiliating her, and trying to kill sanam. She also promises to help seher get the property signed over to her, Raziya.
Raziya falls for the set up and releases Sanam.
In the precap, the one who has her hair open, talking to Rehaan, has something in her hand, that Sanam had in her hand, in the On Location segment with Raziya while she was in the barn. So the person with Rehaan is definitely Sanam.
Aahil arrives at the dargah and i'm sure with seher.. thinking she's sanam (the one with her hair in a pony tail) Seher is observing but does not seem upset or nervous.
My guess, the night before, Rehaan came to Sanam who is really Seher and told her that he is planning to give sunheri another chance if he could find her. Seher realizes she cannot throw this chance away and decides to come clean with Rehaan to win him back. She gets Rehaan to help her with her plan to get Sanam back and reunited with Aahil. So, at the dargah, that is how we see Sanam, with Rehaan, and Aahil arrives WITH Seher...
Aahil is then reunited with Sanam and learns about Seher..In addition to which, I do NOT know Muslim traditions, BUT didn't Aahil tell Tanu that he promised Sanam that they'd marry the day AFTER Haya's wedding. Well the day at the dargah is the day AFTER.
What if at the Dargah, Seher plans for Aahil and Sanam to be married quietly. Sanam realizing the plan, tells Aahil she wants to marry him this way. In a simple manner. With her sister there. Perhaps they get a priest at the Dargah to do the traditional ceremony right there. SAHIL are married and only Sehaan and Sahil knows. At the party, they make a big revelation of Sanam's sister, and at the wedding, it is revealed to Tanu, by Sanam and Seher that there is nothing she could do as Sahil are already married. They were married the day before at the dargha. They just decided to go ahead with the big wedding to make Tanu happy and to see what she'll do to them.

I think from Wednesday/Thursday.. revenge track starts... aka.. the montage.

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Post by Maria J on 2014-11-16, 22:39

Wow hope this happens Trini.. But dont have much hope on Seher.. She doesnt seem to like Sanam and has already plans to take over property..

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Post by sarra0 on 2014-11-17, 03:02

nice...would razia go for a plan like that? y would sanam agree to help and razia not get suspicious wit sanam wanting to help especially when sanam has been trying to escape...

I thou sehar could find out sanam is actually her sister and not just a lookalike and she decides to do something...but your way is more dramatic and works better for audience and suspense...and wat a slap to razia and tanu that would b

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