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Meri Ashiqui tumse hi 18th November 2014 written update

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Meri Ashiqui tumse hi 18th November 2014 written update

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-11-19, 00:10

Baa says that she know why is she showing so much love. She looks for where Amba will end it. RV asks how can Falguni give a diamond necklace, Amba asks is she lying. She goes out to bring Falguni, and comes across Baa and Chaitali. Falguni just come there, Amba asks has she brought the necklace. Falguni comes into the room, Ishaani says she doesn’t need any necklace. Amba says that if she wants to gift her something, she must take it. Amba asks her to hurry up. Falguni wonders how to say that she doesn’t have any necklace. Amba offers to get one. Baa asks Falguni why she promised if she had no money. The servant comes to bring the jeweller’s man, he hands Falguni the necklace she left.
It was a diamond necklace, which leaves everyone shocked. Falguni wonders who sent this necklace.
Baa thinks this is so expensive, where she brought it. Amba thinks where they got so much money.
At the party venue, Pratik and Derwash come to Sharman to ask about the hot girls. Sharman says they must now let go of their childhood and holds their ears.
CHaitali asks Falguni where she bought this necklace. Falguni says it isn’t their concern. She gives the necklace to Ishaani. She hands the necklace to RV, Amba tells Ishaani to come downstairs quickly. Ishaani is worried, RV says he doesn’t know where her maa brought it, she won’t let her family’s name ruin. For her, she must wear it. RV looks at her in the mirror.
In the party, everyone claps as RV and Ishaani come downstairs.
Mr Javeri comes to the party as well. He says to RV that he came here as his company’s partner, he agrees that he didn’t marry his daughter but it is his personal matter. This is professional matter, and he doesn’t mix both. He shakes hand with RV, congratulation him. Someone arrives in the party with boquete, it was Ritika. She congratulates them, and says she is totally ok, she and RV are still friends. Ritika tells Ishaani that RV loves her a lot, she will invite them both to her wedding. Falguni comes there, Ishaani goes to her. Ishaani says Ritika is too good, she wants to talk about the necklace.

PRECAP: RV and Ishaani dances together
Credit TU

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Re: Meri Ashiqui tumse hi 18th November 2014 written update

Post by candy on 2014-11-19, 12:38

Thanks sabi..

Hope chirag will come and create problems

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