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my take on humsafars 18 nov

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my take on humsafars 18 nov

Post by aidan34 on 2014-11-19, 03:23

helo all,
todays epi had some good points.
like the way sahir embraced his future while the past is behind the glass.
so Alvira's plan is to get sahir married with arzoo without arzoo knowing about his first wife.
why do i have a feeling Alvira indeed will be successful.lets see.
arzoo might become another nausheen (the only diff being nausheen was first wife and she being second wife to sahir)and may see start comparing sahir to sarfaraz once she comes to know about his first marriage.but deep in her heart she has started trusting sahir so how that will be played out will be interesting to watch.
sahir wants some answers from zeenat and is waiting from 7 yrs....dats what i feel.

All comments are welcome.


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Re: my take on humsafars 18 nov

Post by sarra0 on 2014-11-19, 04:01

alvira wants to get sahir married to arzoo without telling her that he is married...but if sahir is a honourable man should he not tell her first before he agrees...unless alvira plays a trick on both...arzoo will become wat she hates a second wife...if even the circumstances and seasonings r different it will b interesting0to c how she and he deal wit it...

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