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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 18 November 2014 - Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum - 18 November 2014 - Written Update

Post by sarra0 on 2014-11-19, 03:42

Epi starts with Maya telling arjun that 2310 is again under their ctrl nd wants RK’s release..
She tells she wants to talk to RK to confirm that he s alive still
Arjun tells her to believe that RK s alive..
Maya gets angry .. Sanddy tells she will talk to govt
Maya tells sandy nt to worry as suraj s still alive
Maya tells she will start killing one by one if nt done..Arjun tells govt has nt given permission
Maya tells she s gonna start killing
All in ATC are worried..
SP sir tells they must nt wait anymore
Minister tells he s gonna get international support

Minister tells Sandy to go to media nd ask what govt should decide nd why ??He warns her that whatever decision s taken its for good by the govt.
She agrees nd goes..
Sandy comes out nd media ask when the flight will land ??
Sandy tells abt hijack again nd ask them what they can do ?? they are asking to talk to RK..
Some people tell they must allow to talk as there are many passengers in danger
Sandy tells govt didnt allow..RP also seeing the news … Vik shouts at what sandy s saying ??
All r angry on her nd upset..
Sandy goes away nd starts crying alone ..
Someone keeps hand on her shoulder
She turns nd s shoked to see zak..he s with walk stick…
She tells abt the govt’s decision nd s totally broken by that..
Along with suraj , bb , chathuri .. all the other passengers are also in trouble..
she s crying.. zak pacifies her nd tells they will find a way
Sandy tells he has come nd they have to find a way together nd bring them out..Arjun s seeing them .. She tells is it gonna be difficult ?
Arjun tells its tough but not impossible..
He tells I know that you are the same Sandhya Rathi in sirji’s training..
he tells sirji s his frnd nd she knows abt Sandy very well
He tells this sandy was last in everything…zak smiles nd tells its the same sandy who was last on the 1st day but with hardwork nd confidence came first..
Arjun tells he knows that zandy can do wonders nd tells ATB
zak shake hands nd start their mission

P asks the passengers whether they like mountain or ocean

D shouting at them to raise their hands..Maya tells P that govt has denied to talk with RK…
She gets doubt whether RK s alive..
She tells the passengers that she s nt cared whether they are alive or dead nd gets ready to shoot

All r confused…Maya tells them that the govt has left them nd tells them to ready to die..
P asks whether they like mountain or ocean ..
She tells she will fulfill the last wish of them nd asks them to tell ..

The flight s abt to crash .. its getting down fast .. Suraj closes his eyes nd thinks abt his last flying kiss to sandy in airport

P tells Maya that ocean s very good …Maya tells them that they are nt having much time ..
Gautham’s wife s crying.. aushtosh nd his wife are crying.. he tells they both will die together..
Shanky tells them nt to kill ..
bb gets fb of bbsa telling lets see who will miss the other more ??
bbsa giving her pan while coming so that she can remember him
suraj asks bb if she s ok..She tells that she s thinking abt RP
Suraj gets fb of that bindi scene .. sandy telling that she will stick bindi on mirror nd count the days they will be separated..
she s telling wo ai nee..
Suarj tells wo ai nee… closing his eyes
flight s coming down in high speed..
He thinks abt the last kiss in airport

ATC comes to know that the flight s coming down in high speed.. all panic.. The flight is coming vertically down

credit DTB

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