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Spoiler- Balika Vadhu

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Spoiler- Balika Vadhu

Post by candy on 2014-11-19, 13:06

Shiv gets a beautiful Lehenga for Anandi. Anandi Lehenga is stuck to the car door. Amol not able to see her mother in pain gets up on his feet to save her. Anandi calls up Shiv and gives her the good news . The Kesar Bagh family are the the hospital as they all are happy to get the news of Amol stand on his feet. Suman is with Saanchi as she pacifies her. Anandi speaks to Kalyani. Kalyani now informs Anandi about Gehna and Niranjan’s impending marriage. Anandi is stunned and happy to hear so. she says so Taisa finally agreed to the marriage.  Kalyani says that yes, she has, although reluctantly. Anandi tells Kalyani not to worry . Once Taisa settels down in his new life, she will be glad she took the decision. Kalyani smiles and says “the way you are glad you agreed to marry Shiv?”. Anandi looks lovingly at her snap with Shiv and says, ‘Ji Dadisa. i couldn’t have been happier in my life….


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