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Spoiler- Udaan

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Spoiler- Udaan

Post by candy on 2014-11-19, 13:09

: We see  a beautiful powerful moment as Chakor is dressing flashes that are in stark contrast Chakor is excited and ready to leave for her first classroom day but an overwrought Abha needs to ensure every preparation is perfect. Chakor takes Ishwar’s blessing when she’s reminded to take God’s blessings before leaving. Vivaan gives Chakor a bouquet and wishes her luck, two parent ladies praises Chakor as Ranjana see this in disguise,.  We see Chakor crossing another milestone in her life as she enters the classroom, Chakor is made to sit among the tiny tots. The teacher is struggling to keep the kids in control . Chakor learns her first alphabet after she quietens the class room. We see the teacher already likes Chakor… Imli fails to do house chore properly, she reveals to Girja that make the “Nishaan” go away……..

Source : Tellyexpress

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