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Roli To Get A Clue About Vikrant’s Place In Sasural Simar Ka

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Roli To Get A Clue About Vikrant’s Place In Sasural Simar Ka

Post by candy on 2014-11-19, 13:18

In Sasural Simar Ka , As per the current track Prem while searching the bus calls Vikrant’s phone, and the phone rings in the hands of two burka clad women. Prem forces the women to remove the veil and is shocked to see that it is not Vikrant and Simar. Later, Prem gets a call from Vikrant who says that he has reached his kingdom and no one can touch him there.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, A man will come to the chaupal and all the people of village will greet him. He will be Sarpanch whom that girl is pleading… A boy is tied near that .. (Actually, That boy and the girl tried to run away from the village , they love each other).  Sarpanch will say to boy’s father you have to decide what to do with your son, Boy’s Father  will take the gun and will shoot his son..

Vikrant will see all this from a distance….. He will come to that boy’s father and will say you did all this for goodness of village… Here Prem and Sid with Mumbai Police try to find the clue….. Sattu and Shailu will also try to find any clue near Haryana border … Roli will come to Gujarat where she will meet to a lawyer and will introduce herself as a reporter…… He will say few years back Vikrant won the case related to a land of Village ..Roli will ask him where is that village, she wants to go there..
Lawyer will tell him the name of the village. Lawyer will say don’t go in the evening it’s very dangerous…. Roli in a car and will say driver to take to that village area……

Source- Tellyexpress

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