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What could be Sahir's Past..*Random Thoughts*

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What could be Sahir's Past..*Random Thoughts*

Post by candy on 2014-11-19, 19:20

Saahir's past is gaining interest more and more day by day.. Even though i could put along as zeenat.,marriage, betrayal, property papers.. something is always amiss..

Yeah. Oly this CV team can bring it out. But being a curious fan of this show i couldnt stop myself from

Here is My guess abt his past.

Sahir and Zeenat are married.. *its almost confirmed* if it had been a arranged love marriage then Alvira cant be upper hand in his life.. So i guess it to be arranged marriage..

Sahir should have been in love with her..may be Alvira had a sinister plan and on knowing tat zeenat would have tried to fail her plans.. In tat case, Alvira could have made a trap coz of which she had been believed as betrayer by sahir.

Her accident could be a planned one also..KA's eagerness for property papers indicates tat property is the key for solution.. I believe even sahir is not aware of it..

But why Alvira waited for all these 7 years..and suddenly she becomes conscious to destroy everything related to she tat sure that she could throw zeenat from his life..

Through Spoilers its evident tat he gifted a car and she met with Accident..So til then he believed her..which shows things went worse oly after her accident.. Was it like oly after the accident he came to know she betrayed him for money.. All this been exposed by Alvira...he waits for her recovery oly to get a answer...Tats y he is making himself a tough man not to believe anyone or anything and no entry for any new feelings and person in his life..

Sahir who always had a pain should have believed Zeenat a lot and Tats y he hurts himself when he finds a positive feel towards Arzoo and controls himself when he feels her Tears..

Shattered Pieces of Sahir's love, trust..and Sahir himself are those strong pillars which holds the arrogant look of this young man..

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