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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2013 Written Episode

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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2013 Written Episode

Post by anurao66 on 2013-05-03, 00:54

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd May 2013 Written Episode

Simar tells Roli that he is not Vikram.. he’s veeru and he’s betraying you. He ran out of jail and he’s a criminal. You lost memory and he’s taking advantage of it. You’re not Vidya.. you’re our Roli. Veeru pulls Simar back and tells Roli not to trust her. He says, she came for revenge. She can’t see us two together, that’s why all this drama. Simar says, he’s lying.. I am your sister.. Simar Didi. How can I hurt you? Please don’t listen to him.. he can do anything to win you. Please Roli.. don’t listen to him.. don’t do this marriage. Veeru again interrupts and says, she is lying. She is responsible for all the problems that came in our lives. She can do anything to separate us. Roli is not saying anything.

Simar asks her to trust her. She says, you may not remember anything.. but you would be still able to feel our love. We have been together since our childhood.. try to remember.

Veeru’s turn now. He asks her to see in his eyes and tell him if he ever tried to hurt her. He reminds her that he didn’t care about his own life when goons attacked them. Can any goon risk his life like that? Simar says to her, he’s very smart.. I don’t know what he told you about me.. but I know 1 thing and that’s the truth.. that I love you more than myself. You’re my younger sister.. you forgot your Simar didi this fast? Try to remember I am your Simar didi.

Roli finally speaks and says, yes.. I remember little. Simar gets happy. Roli says we used to stay together with so much love and I used to call you didi. Veeru is getting nervous. Roli continues, but Vikram opened my eyes on right time.. he told me that you’re my jethani.. not sister.. You used to call yourself sister just so you can backstab me. Veeru smiles. Simar says, that’s not true.. Veeru asks Simar to stop. He says, at least see where you’re standing.. today is navratri’s last day.. even biggest sinner thinks whether to do anything wrong or no.. and you’re lying in front of God. Veeru says, I will ask you some questions.. and give me true answers for God’s sake..

He asks her, aren’t you two bahu of same house? Aren’t Vidya’s husband’s brother’s wife ? Simar says, yes.. but we are real sisters.. Veeru says, enough.. we don’t want to hear more. He asks Roli, you heard what’s truth right? Simar tries to justify herself, but Roli says.. enough.. I know very well who is my own and whose trying to do good for me. She tells Simar, you’re the one who made my sasural hate me. And you’re also behind my husband beating me. If Vikram wasn’t there, then I would never be able to come out that hell.

What have I done to you? Why are you behind me? I am very happy with Vikram. Let me live my life.. leave from here. Simar says, your husband is Siddhant. And he’s not like how he (vikram) described to you. He loves you a lot. He’s a very good person. Try to remember. Your Siddhantji. Veeru is again getting nervous. He interrupts and asks if he really loves her, then why did he give divorce to her? Simar says, I agree that he gave divorce, but.. and Veeru cuts her off. Roli again gets angry. Veeru asks Roli to proceed with pheres. Roli says, let’s go Vikram.. this wedding will happen and it will happen right now.

Simar asking Roli not to do this marriage, but she doesn’t listen and she continues pheres. SImar keeps stopping her and trying to tell truth, but no effect on Roli. Simar then asks God to help her.

Sid is in the car on his way. He’s smiling with happiness. He says just some more time.. your sid is coming to you. Car stops all of a sudden due to some problem in engine which only mechanic can repair. They wonder where they will find mechanic. A taxi is coming.. sid tries to stop, but taxi doesn’t stop. Sid tries to call Simar, but she doesn’t pick up.

Simar is still trying her best to stop Roli. She tells her you’re Roli Bhardwaj.. bahu of Bhardwaj family. We have a big family. Everyone loves you a lot. They take you as daughter, not bahu. Try to remember for your Siddhant.

Roli stops hearing Siddhant’s name. Veeru wonders why she stopped. He asks Simar to stop with her nonsense. He says, nothing is going to happen with your false stories. Simar tells him.. don’t say a single word.. you’re lying and blaming me. Don’t know what you told to Roli against us. But I won’t give up. She tells Roli try to remember how Veeru betrayed their family. Veeru tells Roli not to pay attention to Simar and finish their pheres.

Simar reminds her how she acted as if she loves Veeru in order to save Bhardwaj’s from troubles.. and this is same Veeru. Roli is remembering all that, but picture is not clear in her mind.

Precap: Simar tells Roli.. this is same guy because of whom our family had to suffer through so much. Veeru loses his control and takes out pistol and points it at Simar. Roli remembers same scene that happened before and comes in the way and says to him, you won’t do anything like that. I remember everything now.. I am Roli Bhardwaj.


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