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Shivansh Kotia's slam book!-yrkkh

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Shivansh Kotia's slam book!-yrkkh

Post by riyya6 on 2013-05-06, 11:28

Kotia, who plays the character of Naksh in Rajan Shahi's Yeh Rishta Kya
Kehlata Hai on Star Plus,
answers our celebrity kids slam book questions…

Birthday: 1st May.

Nickname: Shibuli.

Hometown: Mumbai.

Describe yourself: I love doing masti. I am
little bit naughty but I become serious at the time of work.

Hobbies: Study, shooting, doing masti and
playing video games.

Favorite movies: Dabangg and my movie English

Favorite actor: Salman Khan.

Favorite subject: Maths and English.

Favorite cartoon characters: Tom & Jerry
and Doremon.

Naughtiest person on the sets: Myself, my
on-screen brother and sister Yash and Ananya. My on-screen Badi Dadi and Choti
Dadi are naughty too as they do lots of masti with us.

Your deepest fear: My mom and God.

Favorite dish: Dosa.

Song you are humming these days: Dhinka

Favorite TV show: Tom & Jerry, Doremon and
Yeh Rishta Kya
Kehlata Hai.

Describe your daily routine in short: I am
having my vacations these days. So, I get up and get ready and go for my shoots.
I shoot the whole day there, come back home, do some masti, have my dinner and
go to sleep. During my school days, I go for shoot after coming back from

What is your favorite pass time during your free time
on the sets:
Playing video games and studying.

Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: Toy shops
and malls where I get to play games.

You are incomplete without: My family.

Craziest fan encounter: I have many fan
encounters wherever I go. They click pictures with me saying i am 'cute.' They
want me to say some dialogue for them. Sometimes, I get annoyed because I don't
get proper time to play games for which I had go there.

A day when you cried a lot: Me, my father, my
mother and my sister hug each other daily at night and say 'we are family.' One
day I did some mistake for which no body was talking to me and all three of them
hugged each other leaving me aside. I cried a lot that day and I cried so much
that I got fever the next day.

Message to your fans: Keep loving me and keep
praying for me so that I can do even better in life.


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