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Food for thought : Confused or Blackmail

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Food for thought : Confused or Blackmail

Post by -Sheena- on 2013-05-07, 20:12

Prena started out as a seemingly independent thinking, self assured to a point, outspoken young woman...With her deep rooted love for Rahul has made her into a confused, losing purpose and overlooking her own welfare...Unable to get Rahul, she tries to commit suicide...A rightful decision on her part as a confused, heartbroken girl but a wrong decision as suicide is not a solution to the problem...

Question is Rahul's unrequited love the only purpose of killing herself? What about her relationships that have been there before Rahul, her parents, her siblings, her dadi, dont they deserve better? Bharti did point it out that cowards only commit suicide, and she has every right to be upset with her daughter because is it worth losing your life over LOVE...Bharti by all circumstances has loved her kids, so does she deserve to lose her child of this?

Why do girls like Prena think suicide will end the pain when the pain and guilt will continue to live on those that are living.... Suicide attempt has pushed the relationship forward between Prena and Rahul because Aaradhya has taken it upon herself to unite the two especially after her emotional instability and most likely Rahul will accept the proposal not based on any genuine feelings but more of guilt...Is obtaining love like this worth the trouble or just having him the ultimate criteria? It seems more of a hallow win rather than outright victory for true love...

Your thoughts???

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