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Digging Their Own Graves: feb 20

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Digging Their Own Graves: feb 20

Post by sangeeta joshi on 2013-02-21, 07:15

Digging Their Own Graves: Epi Feb 20

What a dhamaakedaar episode! Full on emotions, action, drama, dash of romance (mitwa moment) and of course, lots of misunderstandings.

So, continuing on the theme of foreshadowing, we saw two people digging out a grave today- Raghu and then Rashid. Goes without saying that we will watch these two men, one rightly so (Raghu) and the other, an unfortunate victim of circumstances (Rashid) getting buried alive due to their own recklessness or cowardice, as the case might be.

Raghu's job is soon going to get over. Razia would make sure that he is disposed of appropriately. She has already announced his death to the police, so no one would suspect foul play.

Rashid, in my opinion, dug his grave the day he had an affair with Shireen (assuming that's true). Whether it was a one night stand or a moment of weakness or another saazish, it doesn't matter. The moment he crossed the threshold of fidelity, he had started digging his own slow death. What happened afterwards- whether he was framed, or forced to leave Dilshaad for the sake of his first family is immaterial. If Rashid had not committed infidelity, or told her the truth after his first mistake, he wouldn't have landed in this mess. People like Razia are always on the prowl for such weaklings and Rashid was the perfect target. Why was he compelled to set the doll factory on fire is still a mystery to me. Yes, Razia wanted to get rid of the dead body, but why did Rashid consent to setting the factory on fire?

Just like the characters, this raaz is multi layered and I don't think we will get answers that quickly. They will peel each layer gradually and we will have to wait a while to get the complete picture.

Today, KSG was flawless. His anger, rage and intensity were very well portrayed. If he can slap a woman without giving her a chance to speak, he can also kill his father without giving him the benefit of doubt. This is very consistent with Asad's character. To his defense, if I were Asad, even I would blame Rashid. All the evidence points to Rashid right now- Dilshaad getting shot after she found out about the doll factory, Zoya spotting Raghu at Rashid's house and now Rashid at the factory, digging a skeleton. If Dilshaad were not there, Rashid would have died at the hands of his oldest son, a tragic and sad end for a man who sacrificed everything to protect his first family.

I felt really sorry for Dilshaad today. I could empathize with her pain. She is a very fine lady with a big heart. She has all the right to know why Rashid abandoned her 17 years ago. It's remarkable that she still considers him a victim rather than a culprit. I don't know if too many women can forgive a man who walked out on her 17 years ago. If someone deserves happiness in her life, it's Dilshaad.

Zoya- you are acting like Asad's wife already. Please acknowledge that. You sow his clothes, makes sure his mother's attacker is avenged, try to calm him when he is blowing his head off in rage, get roused every time he comes close to you these days. So, please knock on your heart and admit you love him and want the best for him, even if that means you have to bear his wrath from time to time. No woman but a wife can tolerate her hubby's extreme mood swings.
So, the skeleton is probably Zoya's mother. I am sure no one needs an explanation there. It was quite obvious by the way Asad spoke about the dead woman's loved ones.

The best dialogue of the day: from Siddiqui- 'kahin yeh aag ki laptein humein bhi na jalaa daalein' I would like to say Inshallah Siddiqui Janab….sooner the better. Razia, the mastermind behind all of this has also started digging her own grave. She just doesn't realize it.

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