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SBB - Jashn E Bahara

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SBB - Jashn E Bahara

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-09, 15:12

The scene is that of Jashn-E-Bahara ..

Zoya and Asad are sitting side by side .. with showers of flower petals .. Zoya is in Pink top n jeans ... Zoya is stealing glances at Asad, feeling shy, exchanging smiles while Asad who is sitting very close to her , is drilling into her heart with his eyes .. the intensity melting all the barriers to Zoya's heart ...

Surbhi saying ," I love flowers , So I enjoyed the scene very much ..I go crazy when I see the roses and it was rose petals that was being showered * BG, KSG is nodding in assent quite vigorously*

Scene begins again ;

Asad with full on romantic look leans forward and does something with Zoya's flower costume, Zoya looks in longing at him..

we see Dilshad happily showering the couples with flowers ..

Surbhi," As u can see from the flowers ..we are having Jashn e bahar and this flowers prove it ..

About Asad's costume,

KSG,"It is a golden colored costume"

Surbhi, "Asad has come to rival Bappilahiri, he has made oodles of money from Dilshad constructions and has stitiched himself a suit from gold and given me this flwer dress but since I like it ..It is ok..


Jashn _e bahar is on full swing when there is a power failure, The couple aren't bothered by that and are fully engaged in staring contest ..

not for long though, The Net savvy Zoya jumps in to solve the problem ... and we have a dialogue where she is saying that she has researched about this situation on net " while Asad looks exasperated ..

Dilshad ," How creative.. Can any one boast of having such a DIL"

while Zoya is embarrassed

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Re: SBB - Jashn E Bahara

Post by anurao66 on 2013-05-09, 15:38


Thanks for the written update. So he was really wearing a golden outfit as I saw in the pictures. Do all such rituals really exist.

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