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My mom, my idol!- QH

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My mom, my idol!- QH

Post by riyya6 on 2013-05-13, 05:26

Bisht Sengupta, Comedy Circus

"My daughter Meira is just 1 year old so I don't know how she will turn out
to be. But I remember when I was young, I was a rebellion. I always did what I
wanted to do but my mom was always patient and understanding. Amongst my parents
my dad was very strict with us while my mom was the calm one. She would take my
side and explain things patiently to me. She was the perfect balancing factor.
Now as a parent, I think I have picked up my dad's traits so I am the strict one
while my husband Indraneil (Indraneil Sengupta) will have to stay calm. I don't
want to be strict and had always wished I would be like my mom but unfortunately
I am more like my father so I only hope that Meira doesn't turn out to be a

Tiwari, Parvarrish – Kucch Khattee, Kucch Meethi

"I was a difficult child during my teenage years. It is an age when you feel
that you know the best and better than your mom. In such a situation it is
difficult for the mother to try and make any child understand but when my mom
would tell me I would be more adamant and do it any which ways. Then my mom
decided that she won't talk to me on that topic and then later on while casually
chatting she would give an example or story to make me understand that the
result of my doing would be wrong even though I was not ready to understand at
that point of time. Later, I would think about it at peace and then realize my
mistake and tell her I am sorry, I was at fault and I will improve. At present,
my daughter Palak is 12 years old and I don't know how she will turn out to be
but if she does turn out to be a difficult child later then I think I will apply
the same technique because it was too good."

Kapoor Sagar, Qubool Hai

"I was a timid, shy child and not confident at all. That is the time my mom
would encourage me and I remember when I entered the Miss Calcutta 1996 contest
I wanted to take part but didn't have the confidence and that is the time my mom
advised me to participate and give my level best. I went on to win that contest
and it was a major boost of confidence for me. My daughter Aadyya is just 2
years old now and I hope to be as good a mother to her as my mom was for me.
Nowadays we have lots of help in the form of books, media which earlier moms
weren't exposed to. We are better equipped due to the knowledge from the
internet, and colleagues so we can go a step further and be a dedicated mom."

Gauri Tonk,
last seen in Crime

"After Pari I have learnt loads of patience but as a child I was very
impatient. Now people talk about it and compliment me in how I deal so nicely
with matters. When I think about my mom I realize that she has helped me in
everything. I get my good looks from her and she has taught me to be a good
human being and a good friend so 90% of the credit I get goes to my mom. I come
from a very middle class family and no one would have thought I could have
achieved so much in life. Even I didn't have that confidence and would say ok, I
will be something in life, that's it, but it was my mother who gave me the
confidence to be what I am today. My mother is the ideal mom and someone I look
upto whenever I have a question mark in life. For my daughter Pari too I am
trying to be same as my mother and hope to guide her the same way."

Kawatra, last seen in Adaalat

"As a child I never would keep things in place but thanks to my mom who
stressed on that fact and made me change my habit. She guided me by continuously
telling me to do it. Today I am very disciplined when it comes to keeping things
neat and clean and at their proper place. My daughter Zahra is just one year old
and doesn't understand these things but even now I do keep telling her even as I
talk to her about it. After play time I pick up things and tell her what I am
doing and she sees me keeping then properly in their place. I hope she picks up
this habit fast and I continue to encourage her to do so!"

Credit ; TB

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Re: My mom, my idol!- QH

Post by anurao66 on 2013-05-13, 08:08


Thanks for sharing the article

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