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Zoya always outsmarts Mr. Akadoo/Vampire/Jahapana/Chori idea Khan

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Zoya always outsmarts Mr. Akadoo/Vampire/Jahapana/Chori idea Khan

Post by perfumeheaven on 2013-05-15, 19:48

Don't you find it beguiling the way Zoya gets Asad to admit whether she looks beautiful or the ring suits her. He even left her a note saying so also. She has certainly made his anger appear unjustifiable and charming.
It was first seen when she made the error leaving her "stale " pizza slice on the bed and the later it was found to be stuck on Mr. Khan's pants...., than another time with "Elena and the "Dil" (deal)", the ring tone "I am sorry,Zoya" and the unforgetable Bathroom scene and many others .She has certainly had the last laugh.
With Asad's tolerance to her "irritating" habits, his anger has soften and shortened. Zoya has the knack of either letting his words out before he can think or rendering him speechless. He is still appealing despite Zoya turning this lion's heart into a kitten


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