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Sasural Simar Ka 16th May 2013 Written Episode

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Sasural Simar Ka 16th May 2013 Written Episode

Post by anurao66 on 2013-05-16, 23:49

Sasural Simar Ka 16th May 2013 Written Episode

Simar Shouts ROLI!!! and she stops dancing and turns around. all others clap their hands. and simar tries to reach her saying roli roli but others are saying wow..jhumki amazing..amazing!! and jhumki says u want autograph then take it or else u wont be able to see me later as very soon i m going to be a superstar!!! simar reaches her and holds her and all look in shock..!! and simar cries and says ROLI… u r alive.. my sister is alive. but!! and simar tells everyone else to leave…as there is going to be no dancing here…and ppl say how come…we have given money so we will see jhumki’s dance and leave.

simar says SHUT UP!!! beware dont say anything bad about my roli. and jhumki looks at her bro and simar says she is not that type of girl…and jhumki says u r right about that .. i m an artist.!! and all smile. and simar is shocked. and jhumki says who are u and why are u spoiling my show!?? i will believe that u have come to meet me, talk
to me & take my autograph but i dont give autographs to anybody in middle of my show. so move from here and let me do my work!!!

Simar says ROLI!!! u r not jhumki .. u r my roli!! jhumki says aaarrreee have u run away from a mental hospital? huh!?! ever since u have come here you keep on saying i m roli…i m not roli.. i m jhumki…laxampur ki jhumki!!! simar says roli what are u saying,? y?
simar says to all did u not hear me.. all leave.. and all say come one lets go over here another drama started. but jhumki’s bro holds the crowd and tells them not to go.

jhumki will start dancing again. but the crowd doesnt agree. prem is walking towards simar…jhumki tells bantu stop them…and prem sees roli and is shocked and says ROLI!!!
and simar says roli listen to me but roli doesnt listen and tries to leave.

Simar stops her again and says dancing on the streets is not nice…and jhumki says so now i have to ask u what is right for me and what is wrong. jhumki says leave me and then tries to take bantu and simar sees prem and goes to him and says our roli…and jhumki leaves from there. and simar tells prem she is not recognizing me…she
changed her name also . tell her she is not jhumki but our roli. !

when they look jhumki is gone. prem and simar search for her.

BW house rajendar friend has organized a house to live in. mataji says once prem and simar come we will leave. everyone thinking about roli.

jhumki is counting money under a tree with bantu her brother. jhumki is mad at simar for spoiling her show. bantu asks why was she calling u roli? and jhumki says i dont know. and bantu says we have very few money..u going to bombay, our food, my school how can we do call this? and jhumki says u dont worry…ur didi is with u. thats
why we dance and collect money. and they hug each other.

simar and prem come searching for her…ROLI ROLI!!! and simar says ur didi is calling u and cries and prem consoles her and says roli is alive and we will find her.

Simar says when she was with veeru she said her name was vidya… then veeru shot her and roli died in my lap .. and this girl is like my roli but is saying her name is jhumki. i dont understand what is happening.and prem says we need to find roli .. and they go and look for her again.

jhumki is playing with her brother bantu. simar sees her playing. and stops in her tracks and also has FB of roli playing the same game!!! prem sees also. they walk towards her and jhumki sees them. she goes to her and says u r here also. let me breathe in peace. and i was playing here and u came here too! let me tell u.. I M NOT

jhumki says ur roli cant be like me…as i m special. and simar has a smile on her face and roli looks at her distrubed…and then simar hugs her!!! and then jhumki says what is this…leave me..and simar has a FB of hugging roli…and jhumki says i m not roli and i dont know u so leave me. and simar leaves her and says NO u r not My sister!! u r not
my roli!! only ur face is like roli u r not my sister. and prem tries to argue but jhumki says I M NOT ROLI!!!! UNDERSTAND!!! and simar says if u r distrubed cause of us.. we are Sorry!!!

jhumki says what about my loss? and she walks away from them… simar and prem keep on looking at her. prem turns to simar and prem says why did u let her go.? and y did u feel like she is not ur sister. and simar says we were connected with heart. when i hugged her today i didnt feel anything…she is NOT my roli!!

precap — prem says i wish she was our roli then we would have gotten all the happiness. and simar says our destiny will change…everytime our roli saved us and this time also she will save us


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