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Oscar Nominated 2013: Silver Linings Playbooks - REVIEW

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Oscar Nominated 2013: Silver Linings Playbooks - REVIEW

Post by -Sheena- on 2013-02-22, 21:45

Silver Linings Playbooks

A movie of second chances, a movie of redemption, a movie of finding new love...In short, a family drama with a happy ending...

The story deals with the life of Pat Solitano who is released from rehab..He suffers from Bipolar..He was sent to rehab because of a violent attack...His wife has left him and he tries to win her back by reading books as she is an english teacher...He returns to his parents house as part of court agreement...He learns that his father has become a bookmaker who has weird superstitions about his favourite team winning the football match...Pat's main purpose is to reconcile with his wife and he shares various ways of winning his wife back with his counsellor played by Anupam Kher...

With a chance meeting of Tiffany, they both develop a friendship..Tiffany has lost her husband and is a recovering ??? addict...She promises him that she will deliver a letter to Pat's ex wife in return of taking part in a dance competition...A friendship develops..Pat;s father loses all his money in the bookmaking business from which he would have started his own Restaurant...A wager is made between a nemesis that if their football team wins the last match of the season and that Pat and Tiffany score a 5 in the dance competition then Pat's father will have enough of money to start his dream project...As expected the wager is won and the leads fall in love and the story has a happy ending...

The story is not new but while watching it, the movie remained fresh and not boring...Worth watching....

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