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SBB - Stunning Twist in the offing

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SBB - Stunning Twist in the offing

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-17, 14:44

Sangeet Ceremony starts, Tensed Asad and Dilshad are greeting the guests .. Dastan team arrives and they hug Dilshad ..

Just then Zoya comes bedecked as a bride in a ethnic wear .. Asad turns and goes lattoo as his eyes soften and he is fully into Zoya forgetting everything *KSG is looking very Chikna BTW*

once again Asad and Dilshad standing by the door , Arjun comes in and hugs Asad exclaiming,"Sorry yaar, I am late "

He is followed by Aditi and Richa ..

KSG introduces Aditi and Richa .. forgetting the info on Intro but manages to sambhalofy himself ..

Ritvik and Purvi are chatting animatedly, Purvi si pulling Ritviks leg about his appearance in evry sangeet and weddings , Ritvik retorts that,"He is from Barati and poor man's Barati dancer who maaros every chance he gets " both laugh

Anchor asks KSG about Surbhi," She is looking absly stunning and very important she is covered from head to toe and I like that "

KSG is having trouble managing his duppata adn we are shown how he is struggling to keep the duppata in place.

KSG," I have not worn duppatta's before and this is new"

Shalini and the women are asked about their wear and Shalini replies in true Mumbaiyya that Zoya is looking Daasu while Surbhi says that her Maa in law is a super 'item'

we also are shown Surbhi and Purvi chattering happily ..

VO saying that Purvi has come on a important mission that will give a most important twist to the story...

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Re: SBB - Stunning Twist in the offing

Post by sarra0 on 2013-05-17, 14:59

Thanks Tants, hope his costume is better then the gold one he has been wearing.

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