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Diya Aur Baati Written Update - May 17th

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Diya Aur Baati Written Update - May 17th

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-17, 22:24

The episode starts with sandy trying hard to concentrate on studies.
She worries about her health & exams too as she has to cover loads
of portions. She decides to bring tea. Suraj comes in & gives tea to
both. Chavi tells that she has done well but wonders abt sandy’s. Suraj
worries & looks at the clock ticking 2 am. Sandy tells that she has
got four hrs left she can manage. Suraj gives her tea & encourages
her. Sandy tells that it his encouragement which makes her going. Suraj
tells that everything went well in ems marriage & she got bhabho’s
blessings too & adds that she can manage this exam too. Bhabho looks
at this & goes. Chavi tells that the tea is good.

Meena asks vikram to bring powder for Kanha. Vikram taunts her. Meena
tells that he has to do for kanha. Vik tells that he doesn’t
differentiate btw son & daughter. It is meena only who always
differentiate. Even bhabho doesn’t. Meena asks whether he would be the
same if she had given birth to baby girl. Vik promises that he wouldn’t
have & bhabho too. Meena looks at kanha & tells self that she
thought that by having a boy she could rule over RM but nothing
happened. Kanha smiles. Meena tells that he must be thinking that he
could give property to her

Bhabho at the temple. Bhabho remebers sandy’s words to suraj telling
that she is proud to get back bhabho’s love again. Suraj comes in.
Bhabho slips. Suraj asks her to be careful & adds that he will help
her with that potli (small bag). He tells that she must not get tensed
now & she can NEVER BE WRONG. & also adds that he is happy abt
the fact tat he fed sandy on the evening. He hugs her saying that she is
the best in the world & better than every other mother. He adds
that she understands him very well & adds that she is one step more
than the god to him.
Bhabho asks him to take rest. Suraj also asks her to take rest & adds that bhabhsa was asking abt her.

Here sandy reads & falls asleep unknowingly.

The clock ticks 3.35 am > Suraj looks at the light still going on
in chavi’s room & decides to go there & ask sandy tosleep for a
while but is stopped by bhabhasa who is having some health issues.

Here bhabho is worried & goes to wash her face & sees herself
in the water. she asks who is she & the shadow replies that she is
the shadow of her sin. Bhabho gets scared & moves.

Break: Bhabho at kitchen with her conscience

Bhabho asks her shadow to go far from her. She goes to the kitchen
& drinks water. The conscience (BV2) asks her to drink more. Adds
that out of fear she made her DIL to eat so much liqour choc. &
played a spoilsport & made a big sin.

BV1 tells that she did it for family’s well being.

BV2 tells that she did wrong as she told that she wd play the game
with true sportsmaship but she failed to do so & made sandy to
sleep. BV1 goes away saying nahi nahi (no no

Break: BV2 Tells her that she is once scared that sandy is not fit for household cores adds that she has overtook bv1 now.

Bhabho runs away to the balcony. BV2 comes & asks where is she
going? Asks her to think what will suraj think when he gets to know abt
this who treats her lkike god & adds that what will sandy feel who
is thinking that those choc were fed out of love. BV2 tells that she has
done injustice to her own son & adds that sandy has overtook her in
rituals too now which used to be her fear once. BV2 says that she is no
more an insaan(human). BV1 cries saying no no

Precap: Promo Happens


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Re: Diya Aur Baati Written Update - May 17th

Post by anurao66 on 2013-05-18, 07:54


Thanks for the written update.

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