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Ballika Vadhu Written Update - May 17th

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Ballika Vadhu Written Update - May 17th

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-17, 22:44

talks about Jagya’s ristha with girl’s family. She says to girl’s
(Madhavi’s) mother that they liked your daughter and were very excited.
Matchmaker shows Jagya’s photo to Madhavi mother and she likes him. When
matchmaker tells her that he is from Jaitsar, the mother says, Mansi
was going to get married to collector of Jaitsar and now again rishta
came from there. Matchmaker then tells her, I don’t want to hide
anything, and says he is a divorcee. Madhavi’s mother gets angry and
asks how can you bring such rishta? Matchmaker explains that he got
married at young age, but he is very responsible.. he runs his hospital.
Matchmaker praises Jagya and his family and says Madhavi will live like
a queen there. And his family will treat her as a daughter. Mother is
happy now and says that is why maybe her wedding didn’t happen with
collector. She asks matchmaker to arrange meeting with Jagya’s family.

Anandi talks with Dadisa on the phone, and Dadisa is very happy.
Anandi asks her how is she. Dadisa says now as you’re back.. we all are
fine. She tells Anandi, you could have called at least. Anandi says,
what do you think I didn’t miss you all? Dadisa says that can never
happen. Dadisa says then tells her that Jagya left gifts there.. and how
Sanchi took Jagya out. Anandi gets surprised. Dadisa says, even I
didn’t believe, but Jagya told me how she took care of him. Anandi says,
I am happy knowing Jagya liked Udhaipur. Dadisa asks her when she is
coming to Jaitsar..and says, when you come, I will give you a good
news. Anandi asks what good news? Dadisa says, that I will tell when you
come here.. can’t say on the phone. Anandi says, okay I will talk with

Shiv enters and says so you going Jaitsar tomorrow. Anandi says, it’s
not good to listen others conversations. Shiv says, I just listening my
wife’s and dadisa’s conversation. He gives her permissions, but Anandi
says, we just came back from Kashmir, and if I leave again.. family may
not like it. Shiv says, no one will have any problem.. but still if you
want, then I can talk with them. Sanchi hears this and gets excited as
Anandi is going Jaitsar.

Jagya is playing with Manu. Ganga sees them and says to herself, both
are so happy together. Ganga asks Manu to go to sleep now. Jagya asks
her to let him play more as he’s enjoying. Ganga says, he’s enjoying
now.. but after a while, he will start bothering by crying when it’s
sleeping time. Jagya says, he won’t cry. We both enjoy with each other
and have become best friends. When I play with him, all my stress go
away. And I am sure it’s same with Manu..that’s why he gets happy seeing
me. We are used to each other now. Ganga says, but habit has to be
changed.. soon you will get married.. then you won’t have much time to
spend with Manu. Dadisa asks Ganga to tell Jagya that girl’s family is
coming tomorrow. Jagya heards it. Ganga leaves with Manu and Jagya is in

Anandi is packing or unpacking her stuff and Sanchi comes there. She
sees gift that Jagya brought for Shiv and remembers her gift. SHe tells
Anandi that that gift reminds her of Jagya. Anandi looks at her. Sanchi
says, I mean he’s such a good doctor.. and can’t stop praising him. She
tells him about how he handled Sunny in her college and etc.. She then
says, you must know all about Jagya as you stayed with him. Anandi says,
yes.. but he has changed a lot today.. today he needs a true life
partner.. who understands values of relationships. and when that
happens.. I am sure happiness will be back in Jagya’s life.

Sanchi gets furious and says, you’re wrong bhabhi.. everyone says
that you’re loving, matured, and sensible person.. but still Jagya
didn’t get any happiness by marrying you. I think Jagdish needs a life
partner who knows how to live a life.. and don’t expect Jagdish to be a
God. Accept him as he is. And that is when Jagdish will get true
happiness. She leaves from there and Anandi gets lost in thoughts.

Jagya comes to Dadisa’s room and says he wants to talk with her.
Dadisa asks him if Ganga told him that the girl’s family is coming
tomorrow. Jagya says, yes.. and I want to about it only. Dadisa asks
what? Jagya says, I don’t want to marry. He says, I know I promised
Anandi and told you all that I am ready for marriage, but somehow I
don’t feel like it after what happened last time. I think it’s God’s
signal to tell us that we should not think about marriage. It’s better
if we… Dadisa says, if you think good, then good will happen. And don’t
say me that marriage is not for you.. God will send a very good girl for
you. Just don’t lose your hopes. Accept the rishtas that come for you
and everything will be fine. The screen freezes on Jagya’s face.

Voiceover: Sometimes people make promises in emotions or excitement.. but struggle to fulfill those promises when time comes.

Precap: Madhavi’s mother is at Jagya’s house.
Anandi and Sanchi are also there. Madhavi’s mother recognizes Dadisa.
She tells Anandi, you were going to find out about that budhiya, right?
who gave wrong information about Shivraj Shekhar. Same collector who is
very rude, has ego.. who can’t see woman’s success.. And the most
important thing that the collector had an affair with someone. That
budhiya is no one else, but your own Dadisa. Dadisa is feeling guilty.


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Re: Ballika Vadhu Written Update - May 17th

Post by anurao66 on 2013-05-18, 09:00


Thanks for the written update.

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