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Sasural Simar Ka Written Update - May 17th

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Sasural Simar Ka Written Update - May 17th

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-17, 22:50

Bhardwajs are
sad as their house is gone from their hands. Sid comes and tells them,
nothing like that will happen. Our family strength is the love among us.
All Bhardwajs say as long as we are together, nothing can beat us. Sid
encourages everyone to change their destiny then with their hard work.
They vow that they won’t give up.

Khushi comes and laughs. Sujata controls Sid’s anger. Khushi
continues, you don’t have a place to live, but still hope. She says,
it’s good.. as only this hope will stay with you rest of your life.
Khushi’s husband gets angry at her. Khushi tells him it doesn’t look
good him saying anything.. he just looks good standing quiet behind all
Bhardwajs. She then gives him divorce papers saying this is for opening
your mouth. I was just waiting for right time.. and today is the right
time. Today I will give you divorce. Sankalp is quiet. Khushi says I am
feeling sorry for you.. despite having such a rich wife, you will have
to struggle with these BEGGERS. She throws papers on his face and
leaves. All Bhardwajs have an angry face.

Prem tells Simar, even I thought for a moment that she is our Roli. I
wish she was our Roli.. then we would have got our happiness back. It
was only her who could get us everything back. We can’t do much in this
bad time, but at least can stay with our family. He asks her to sit in
the car to go home, but Simar says no.. our destiny will change.. our
family won’t have to leave the house. Roli has been saving us from all
problems.. this time it will be her too. Prem asks her what she means.
She says, we will have to search Jhumki first.. I will explain all

Jhumki is doing a stage performance. Performance goes wrong as the
guy is drunk and saying all wrong dialogues. The audience can’t stop
laughing. Jhumki is getting nervous.. she whispers him his dialogues..
but he still messes up. The young boy who is with Jhumki decides that he
will have to do something. But he doesn’t know how to go to him. He
gets an idea. He goes on the stage being a tree. The audience then
starts throwing tomatoes at him. Jhumki tells the boy to leave the stage
with the drunk guy and start song.

The audience is leaving, but then Jhumki starts dancing and they
stay. Prem and Simar come there and watch her dancing. The audience is
finally happy. Boy is collecting the money. Jhumki goes backstage. Simar
and prem go to talk to her.

Jhumki is happy as everyone liked their dance. Otherwise because of
Simar her afternoon nautanki went so bad. Right then she sees Simar and
Prem there. Jhumki says, here we go.. I took evil’s name and she is
here. Why did you come here now when you know I am not your Roli? Simar
says, yes.. you’re not Roli, but you can become one. Jhumki and Prem
stare at her. Simar says, yes Jhumki.. you will have to become our Roli.

Precap: Simar asks Jhumki if she will help
her. Jhumki says no. The boy comes crying and says he needs more money
to buy video game.. Prem gives money. Jhumki asks these much money? Prem
says, if you help us, then you will get more. Jhumki says, I am not
going to get bribed like that.

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Re: Sasural Simar Ka Written Update - May 17th

Post by anurao66 on 2013-05-18, 08:58


Thanks for the update.

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