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Feb 23rd: Forum 32 wishes KSG a very Happy Birthday!!!

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Feb 23rd: Forum 32 wishes KSG a very Happy Birthday!!!

Post by pollyanna on 2013-02-23, 11:07

Happy Birthday – Karan Singh Grover – Asad Ahmed Khan

Karan Singh Grover plays Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai, a man who distrusts everything, including his own emotions. But today, we will not delve into Asad Ahmed Khan. It is Karan Singh Grover’s birthday.

Forum 32 wishes him a very happy birthday and may health, happiness and success grace him. We asked him what he has planned for his birthday and he is going with his wife Jennifer Winget for a holiday for a few days. The place is something he did not want to divulge though he did mention it “off the record”. We asked what does his ideal birthday look like and his reply was, “Wife and parents in Delhi spending quality time.”

Karan Singh Grover has been the heart throb of many and the number is huge. One of the most popular men on Television, he is a man who loves rock music and that is what he plays on his iPod in-between shots either with a speaker in his room or with headphones. We heard with him songs from 60′s to 90′s including Pink Flyod’s, “Wish you were here.” He is not into cakes is what he said when we asked him if he would like a cake for his birthday. So, we gave him what he wanted. Privacy.

A birthday he wants to spend in peace with his wife is what he desired and that is what we wish for him. Peace and privacy to enjoy moments of togetherness. Gone are the days for him when he indulged in parties and drinks. He is a mellowed down person though one thing we have noticed, he is hyperactive. His fingers keep twitching in between shots, especially during action sequence. Also, he keeps a little energy flowing through out the day by being a little goofy around the set. His smile is quite infectious and the mischief shine through his eyes. But a few minutes before the Director says Action, he goes into the Asad mode. The scene we witnessed was one where he holds Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) in anger and as the master and close ups happened, he kept his mood intact, not conversing with anyone as such but a somber, stoic man who looked in distance.

Karan Singh Grover has facets that one can know only after meeting him a few times. And they would perhaps surprise you as he is otherwise a jovial guy. Did you know that he doodles? And we saw one of it and the doodle is not just simple pen strokes on a tissue paper he indulged in a bar but as we turned the picture, there were images we could see in an otherwise abstract form of art. A dragon, a monkey, devil’s tail, a snake were just few of the things we could decipher. The man is an artist. True artist, with whims, moods and facets as interesting as a a rainbow, each color a hue of his overall personality. To see the rainbow though, one needs to be the prism as the light, be it arc or sun, shines on him.

We wish Karan Singh Grover not the moon but sun so that we as audience can see the varied facets. Best wishes always.

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Re: Feb 23rd: Forum 32 wishes KSG a very Happy Birthday!!!

Post by anurao66 on 2013-02-23, 12:18


Thanks for sharing the information

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