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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai - WU 21 May '13

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai - WU 21 May '13

Post by slmu on 2013-05-22, 10:59

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st May 2013 Written Episode

Well…much awaited scene started with Naksh bed scene when they both remember their old days – the days just after their wedding and how Naitik was free for roaming or watching any film with friends before marriage but after marriage they had to take permissions from elders and now how years had passed away and their bonding is going stronger and stronger with each other and others also. Also , we saw cute nok-jhonk of them after it.

Morning time here and Maheswaris are anxious for Ananya and Sharya was telling about Varsha’s anxiety for Ananya as they gone for Eyes checkup to Doc’s.

Just then , Ananya comes running with Varsha and tells that she will also get specks(chasma) like her friend Nishi , which makes everybody sad but they accept this fact and consoles Varsha who was anxious for her.

Anshu gets pink specks for ananya as by her wish and she tells others to close their eyes before she wears them and after wearing specks , she runs to mirror to see herself. She has got eye problem of Hypermetrophia in which a person is unable to see nearby objects clearly without specks.

Here in Singhanias , ALL are ready to go to Zoo but as suggested by Duggu , Chikki makes foul pain in her tooth in which she got cavity before……and tells lies that she is having extreme pain and so she cant come with them which is insisted by duggu and he acts that he want to go to zoo anyhow with or without chikki , it doesnt matters.

Then Naitik gives pain-killer to her and Akshara and others goto zoo leaving Chikki and Girja at home.

At zoo, Gayatri – Bhabhimaa are anxious for chikki and calls home where girja lies to her that chikki is sleeping but the reality was she was partying with her friends with loud music-pizzas etc.

She convinced Girja by blackmailing her that if she will not support her with music party , she will reveal to Gayatri that girja talks to her friends at night on telephone.

Varsha is anxious for Ananya.

Here , All are having fun at zoo along with Dadda ji and they are returning home and on square, Duggu calls home and tells chikki that they are near home and chikki and all her friends hurrly packs all party things up and girja cleans up the hall but they forgot to take pizzas which are below-under table in hall.

All are outside house and waiting for girja to open door and here chiiki makes her friends escape from behind doors .
girja opens door and tells them that chiiki is sleeping in her room whoile she was in bathroom thats why got late in opening main door.

All go for rest in their respective rooms while Gayatri goes to chiiki to see her .

Aksahara was passing from hall and noticed that Pizzas and party dishes-food are below under table and she understood everything that chikki lied to everyone and she is very angry now with chiiki.

Akshara goes to chikki’s room where Gayatri tells her to sit with chikki …and she will make breakfast.

Akshara directly questions chikki that is she happy now after partying with friends and eating pizzas while lie-ing to us…?? tell me…tell me now…

Chikki is astonished of how akshara gotta know regarding this?

Aksahara tells her that she saw pizzas below table in hall and thats how she knew of her lies…and tells her that how everybody was anxious for her in zoo…but she(chikki) dont care for them…now as she became a smart lier and a spoilet brat now…(very good , this girl needs these doses as she forgot what are values) and tells that all will get more upset by knowing of your lie.

Chikki gets sad and apoliges to Akshara for her lies and tells that nobody was ready for party hence she lied.

Akshara again gives her reality check by shouting at her that so what ? nobody was ready for your party so you will lie to us? tell me…is this your values which we taught you? is this old chiiki?

Chikki asks her not tell anyone regarding herr lies but Akshara is very angry with her and Episode ends here.

Chikki demads a cell phone from Naitik.

Credit: Desitvbox

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