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Diya aur Baati Hum - WU 21 May '13

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Diya aur Baati Hum - WU 21 May '13

Post by slmu on 2013-05-22, 11:00

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st May 2013 Written Episode

Suraj is trying his best to convince that Guard to let sandhya in, but he keeps repeating same thing saying she is late, sandhya is mum and seeing their attempts in letting her in , in silence, Bhaboo tries to talk to the guard and tells him that sandhya was third in state last year and she will be doing well this term also and the guard simply is not letting in as she is late by 2 mins while Bhaboo does her talking Surya are looking at her with both stunned and pooja bari looks .when the guard denies again bhaboo quietly leaves from there while suraj is trying his best, the guard is still stubborn and was about to leave when he hears some one asking him to stop, he stops only to see sandhya’s lecturer standing there and she asks the guard to open the gate and let sandhya in, and she scolds the guard for being so rude as she was late by 2 mins and he is willing to ruin her entire year, she threatens to calls the principal but guard is worried and opens the gate, and lecturer tells sandhya that it was nice that bhaboo came to her and told her about the situation and its sandhya is lucky to have a mother in law like that . Bhaboo asks sandhya not to waste time and go in to give her paper, sandhya takes her blessing and goes in, suraj and bhaboo thanks the lecturer. Chavi is stunned to see sandhya in hall and questions her same, sandhya tells her that , she is able to attend exam caz of bhaboo and both are busy in answering their papers, suraj says if sandhya was able to get inside its caz of bhaboo and not one could have done it bhaboo does her best not to show any emotions over this sandhya and chavi are giving papers and sandhya sees suraj and bhaboo outside waiting and smiles, bhaboo and suraj are waiting outside and suraj asks bhaboo to go home as he will bring both

chavi and sandhya home and their are many relatives at home, bhaboo says she will be waiting here only and meena will take care of guests, she calls up meena and asks her to take care of guests, meena is super annoyed and seeing vikram she starts saying she is not maid of the house and even says , nothing would have happened if sandhya misses her exam and while uttering nonsense , she remembers that even Emily is DIL of the house, and then she is like she will ask her to do work, Vikram scolds her saying Emily is newly wed one and meena is queen of cooking and tries to sooth her, but she wont give in and was faking crying, he asks her to cry and then asks her to make tea for him

Sandhya is nervous and feeling dizzy yet she is giving her paper, bhaboo and suraj are waiting for them outside near gate , they see every one coming out and notice both sandhya and chavi, bhaboo ask how was paper to sandhya, she says it was better than wat she expected, bhaboo thanks god but sandhya says its more than thanking god as bhaboo did make impossible possible. bhaboo then turns towards chavi and asks about her , chavi makes face and says now she got time to ask about daughter and says it was good and she is nervous about tomorrows paper which is economics, bhaboo asks her to study now and sleep at night, and chavi says its not possible for her to study in morning , sandhya then tells that she was never sleeping at night when it was exams and wonder how she got so much sleepy and wasnt able to get up, bhaboo has guilty look on her face. and then asks every one to go home as guests should be leaving vikram gives sweets to guests and asks them if meena packed everything, they say she did and he is stunned at this , just them bhaboo and rest enters the house and meena is happy seeing them and starts her drama and says that now since sandhya has given her exam every one should be preparing to salute her every one are stunned with her remarks. bhaboo asks her to shut up and start working as its time for every ones to leave, meena tries to defend herself saying she did all the work from morning and all, while bhaboo is checking things and scolds her for not having Aarti ki thali ready and says even 8 yrs kid will know about it and again meena is busy in defending herself, while all this drama is happening, Mohit comes there and entire families attention shifts towards him and every one are searching for Emily, Meena sees this and tells them that she went to wake her up but the door was closed and looks like she has no habbit of waking up early and while she is saying all this vikram is embarrassed and signals her to shut up and meena even makes a comment saying even sandhya was not up early right on their next day after marriage, while they notice some one in pooja mandir, and bhaboo asks that person not to do it, and bhaboo is likewhat kind of DIL[s she got , every one are stunned to see Emily dressed up in total Rajasthani attire and coming out of pooja mandir

Precap:- some papers are on floor, suraj was going to pick sandhya says she will and was about to when suraj holds her hand, she is blushing and smiling

Credit: Desitvbox

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