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ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

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ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-22, 14:20

Hello people,
Surprise, this was a totally random idea which I am weaving into a story... It will not be a long story like Checkmate or Destiny games... Short story- maybe I can wrap it up with 20 updates or less
So lets start with this wild journey into the jungles of Andaman... will it catch fire with the two personalities called Arnav and Kushi thrown together?
Jungle tales

Here is the summary...

Arnav is pissed off when he comes to know that his sister and her friends had gone off to a camp at Andaman islands, to an area which is inhibited by the infamous kimibo tribes- who are not only dangerous but are also very barbaric... With his friend Akash pinning literally for his girlfriend who is also in the Anjali's gang, Arnav decides to go to Andaman swearing to give his sister a good hearing of his piece of mind- but in actuality- he is also super scared of his sister's safety and not only her's but also her friends... especially the one named Kushi Kumari Gupta!

Note: Kimibo tribes are imaginary- No offense to any natives or lovers of Andaman!
P.S: Checkout my other new SS too- Wedding Hues

Chapter 1 : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Chapter 2 : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Chapter 3 : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Chapter 8 :[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Chapter 1: The Wild Adventure

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-22, 14:28

Chapter 1: The Wild Adventure

"You should have gone off with them if you feel so miserable Dude" Nk chirped as he sat munching his chips

"I know" Akaash told him "You are supposed to be my friend' and help me and not make me feel more miserable"

"May be you can start to Andaman now" NK suggested

"Yeah may be I should" Akaash told him

NK started laughing

"You are a gone case now Akaash.. Truly madly deeply in love" Nk told him as he bit into another piece from his chips packet

"Shut up NK" Akaash muttered realizing that his friend had been pulling his legs all this while

"Isnt this all getting so funny Arnav' Akaash- the most calm reliable and level headed guy in our gang turning out to be total freak.. We need to give it to Payal for turning him into a total miserable lover boy"

Arnav who had been looking into his laptop working on something all this while when his friends had this conversation, looked up at one of best buddies who was fretting all over the place' and then glanced at the other one and smirked. NK winked at him in response.

"Hopeless' I don't understand what a week of not seeing each other is going to do" Arnav commented noncommittally as he went back to his laptop

"A week?- 7 days of not talking with each other- 168 hours of not seeing each other" Akaash started to say

"hmm'10080 minutes of not behaving like a love sick puppy " NK offered

"Yeah' " Akaash started to say and then stopped himself from saying anything as he realized that his friend had been pulling his legs. NK started laughing again and Arnav shook his head simpering himself

"What are mobile phones for" Arnav asked him

"Where ever she has gone'They don't have mobile signals there Arnav' I am trying to reach her continuously' not reachable'She hasn't called me since she reached there yesterday"

Arnav finally looked up from his laptop. Thinking back, it was almost 18 hours since his sister Anjali called him too.

"That's odd' they should have signal where they went' Andaman is a tourist place"

"Yes, they didn't go there for sight-seeing they went there as a part of their medical camp isn't it" Akaash told him in an annoyed way

"Even then, wouldn't they reach their base camp after the day's work?" Arnav asked him

"I don't know what..."

Arnav tried to reach his sister. Her mobile was also not reachable.

"Maybe we should call their professor" Arnav told them getting worried a little.

Anjali was his sister, who was three years younger to him. She was a medical student and as a part of their medical camp project their class had planned to go the Andaman islands to treat and educate the Jerawa tribes there of good medical practices and give them health awareness.

Suprisingly, Arnav's call to his sister's med. Professor who was in-charge of the camp there went through. But, the phone was ringing for some time before he picked up the call.

"Hello Professor, this is Arnav Raizada, I have been trying to reach my sister Anjali Raizada.. but her mobile is unreachable' Sorry for the inconvenience but can you please pass on your mobile to her?"

"Mr.Raizada' There has been some issue here... I will not be able to ask Anjali to talk to you now"

"Oh hm.. that's alright' can you ask her to call me immediately when it is possible?"

"No Mr.Raizada you don't understand'" the Professor did not continue for a while

"Then make me understand" Arnav told annoyed

"Mr.Raizada' there has been a mishap' we all were together this morning' we have been in this camp where we were treating the jerowa tribes residing in this area of Andaman'"

"Get to the point Professor" Arnav snapped as he felt that something was seriously wrong'

" When we returned back we found three of the students missing' we searched the entire tribe' we couldn't find them'and'"

"And is my sister one of them?" Arnav asked as he started to feel tensed

"Yes Mr.Raizada" the reply came very softly that Arnav could not even properly hear it.

"What are you saying professor' How can you be so calm about all this?" Arnav said in a panicking tone.

"We are not calm as I sound Mr.Raizada' We have already contacted the police and the team of police men are working with the tribe people to find out' right now the entire cottages of the tribal clan have been searched' they are not here'Search teams have been sent into the jungle adjoining the area where they were working'"

" I will not let this go so easily professor' My sister has been missing and I have not been informed all this while' I will sue you and the college if anything happens to my sister"

"What will I do Mr.Raizada? What will we do if the girls wandered alone into the jungle not heeding to the given instructions?"

" When she was sent to the camp as your responsibility' how can you be so negligent about her safety'I don't think my sister is foolish to wander into the jungle on her own.."

"Please Mr.Raizada' we are trying out best' Don't panic'"

"You ask me to not panic when my sister is missing? " Arnav was very angry' "I want to talk to the officer who is investigating this"

The professor passed on the mobile to the police officer

"Have you picked up any clue officer?" Arnav asked the man

"No sir not yet' It seems that the girls must have lost their way when they were returning back to the destined area where everyone were supposed to meet by evening' we are investigating, a team has already gone into the jungle' We are also checking if the girls wandered into another tribal camp nearby' "

"Another tribal camp?"

"The Mikoba tribes' they are more aggressive and barbaric' less tamed' There are very less chances for this anyway as their camp is about two miles from where these girls were working'"

Dread rose sharpely in his chest as Arnav heard of this possibility' Making a mental note to check what the officer meant by barbaric and being less tamed, he asked the next question.

"Is my sister the only one who has been missing? "

"No Mr.Raizada' two other girls are missing along with Anjali Raizada.. wait a minute.. I will read you the list"

Arnav's heart beat rose as the names came one after the other

"Payal Mehra .."

"Oh my god' Akaash " Arnav whispered as he saw his attentive friends who have been standing beside him soon after they understood of Anjali getting lost from Arnav's conversation. The last name nearly gave him a heart attack

"Kushi kumari Gupta"

"All the three were working together at the far corner of the camp.."

"I am coming there.. I am starting immediately' Keep me informed if you get any news of them " Arnav told the officer and cut the call.

Arnav quickly relayed the news to his friends'

Akaash was badly shaken when he heard the news' NK was devastated too' Anjali and two of her close friends' the girls whom he always had pleasure pulling legs and teasing were probably in sheer danger' Arnav decided not to tell anything to his Nani for the fear of worrying her too much. He contemplated if he had to give the news to Payal's and Kushi's parents' then decided to atleast inform them that the girls have been missing if not about the possibility of them getting caught by the other tribe.

"I am coming too'" Akaash told Arnav atlast when Arnav had made the call to the families of the girls and had assured them that he is starting immediately and will keep them informed as soon as he gets any news.

"We all are going" NK informed him

"No.."Arnav started to say'

"Nothing like two extra pairs of eyes to search for them" NK told him. Arnav nodded gratefully at his friends'

Then the three started to pack stuff for their journey


"Run Kushi" Payal screamed as she saw her friend slowing down' "We can't afford to get caught' they look wild"

"I can't anymore Payal' you and Anjali go'" Kushi said as she came to a stop

"Kushi' please don't give up' come'" Anjali came back and pulled her friend'

"No.. you don't understand' I am 'I '"

"What happened?" payal came back too'"For heaven's sake we are being chased by a wild group of humans who look like cannibals"

"I know' I can't run anymore' don't wait for me' you both go" Kushi begged them as she pushed them both

"Are you crazy? How can we leave you here and go?" Anjali screamed

"What happened to you?" Payal asked her friend "Are you alright?"

"I am exhausted' " Kushi sat down clutching her aching stomach and thighs. One look at her friends, and they got her problem'

"To hell with this monthly curse" Anjali sweared "Why should you get it now?"

The other two girls sat by the side of their friend for some time trying to motivate her.

Soon they heard the approaching footsteps

"What do we do now?" Anjali panicked "It seems as if they have come"

"Search somewhere to hide.. quick" Payal told her looking around

"No ' please leave me and run"

"shut up" Anjali told her before the girls pulled her up and hid themselves in a throny bush nearby

Then they heard an odd noise'

"kikukukukukkku kikukukukukukku' kilickicklickilic"

All the three held their breaths but soon they looked into the pitch black eyes of a tribe who smiled evilly showing his teeth' and squat by their side

Soon they were surrounded by the group which came chasing them'

To be continued'

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Chapter 2: The Mikoba Clan

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-22, 14:29

Chapter 2: The Mikoba Clan

Kushi, Anjali and Payal clutched eachother in fear as they were made to walk admist a weird crowd with pointed spears. A shiver ran down their spine as the crowd let out frightening shouts and screams as they were taken to a clearing which looked like their village admist the jungle. This one looked more wilder than the other clan in whose place they had set up the medical camp.

"I told you this is a different clan" Anjali whispered to her friends

"Yeah.. we shouldn't have tried to help that kid Kushi" Payal told her friend

Kushi looked at her friend

"And let him bleed to death? He was bleeding Payal' You think it was wrong to help him?"

"He wouldn't bleed to death Kushi" Anjali corrected her "They are used to this"

"He was rubbing his wound in the mud" Kushi continued as if Anjali had never interrupted

"Yeah we know' may be they are immune to all these practices'" Payal told her but Kushi kept talking not heeding to her friend's words

"and we are supposed to be doctors' we have to save'"

"Save and not get caught ourselves" Anjali snapped at her

Kushi felt bad. Her eyes brimmed with sudden tears

"My mistake, You both got caught as well because of me"

"Don't be silly" Payal said Kushi "Don't blame yourself"

"Shutup'. Another time you tell this, I will kill u.. we are supposed to be friends' Not mean idiots.. If you felt that you needed to save that fellow.. that's absolutely fine- It shows how just you are" Anjali told Kushi

"and we are proud of you Kushi'" Payal told her

"and will always stand by you" Anjali added

"Ok stop this friendship dialogues'" Kushi giggled "We are at a very bad situation now'"

"Probably worser situation'" Payal told as she saw the clan getting crowded around them. They seemed to be waiting for the head to join them. The ones who had caught them stood beside the three doing some odd sort of dance while the crowd cheered for them

"I feel like laughing" Anjali said "That's a funny dance"

Then the man who seemed to be the head of the clan came up along with two others. One of them looked like his right hand man or a advisor of some sort'and another was a weirdly dressed lady. She had white paint on her lips and blackened stretch of kajal on her eyes, which looked scary. She carried a big chart and some pebble stones in her hand. As soon as the head man settled down, the lady stretched the chart on the floor near him, and threw the stones on it calculating something

"She seems to be a fortune teller of some sort" Anjali whispered to her friends.

The lady told something to the chief man and then all of a sudden the crowd cheered at the news.

"What happened?" Anjali hushed looking around

"Look" Kushi stepped forward and removed the stethoscope from her bag. "We are doctors' we came to treat the Jerowa tribes. You know them? They live on the other side" Kushi told them as they all looked at her weirdly ' not understanding a word of hers. Kushi tired to gesture her message through actions, that did not get the things moving as well. Fed up she sighed

"Is there no one else who speak hindi? Punjabi? Gujarati, Bengali, English? Anything?" Kushi asked around.

The Head man told something in his language and they all laughed.

"Kushi, They would heed you even if they understood' I am scared that they are going to cook us alive" Payal told her friend.

Anjali shivered next to Payal

"Don't scare me"

The men who caught the girls moved aside and gave way to some elderly ladies who came to the girls. The prompted the girls to follow them. Having no choice, the girls followed the ladies into one of the cottages nearby.

"Why do they take us here?" Anjali asked

"No idea" Kushi whispered back clutching Payal who came behind her

"I feel something is wrong Payal. I feel we are in a more dangerous situation' " Kushi told them

"I feel that too' I thought we would be tied upside down and fire would be lit up below us" Payal replied back

"I thought our fingers would be cut and added to their soup" Anjali croaked nearby

"but why are we asked to enter this cottage and wait here?" Kushi asked them all as they saw the two ladies who had entered with them were doing something in the other room

"Probably to marinate us before cooking" Anjali suggested

"Shut up Anjali' You are scaring me to wits end" Payal told her friend

The ladies came back into the area where they were standing, they took or rather dragged Anjali inside the other room

"Where are you taking her?" Kushi shouted to those two ladies'

"We will come with you too Anjali" Payal said as she intended to follow them but she and Kushi were held by the other ladies who came in from outside and stood beside the other two girls.

Soon they heard Anjali's screams

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU BOTH DOING TO ME?" Anjali's screams reached Kushi and Payal who rushed towards the closed room


"ANJALI.. What happened? OPEN UP"


"HEY Take us in aswell"

The girls kept shouting as they kept hearing things being thrown around inside and then Anjali's muffled voice as if she was being kept from not shouting

Then all of a sudden there was a noise as if something heavy fell down and a wild swear.

"LET ME GO.. NO NO' DON'T TOUCH ME" Anjali kept shouting and then they saw her rushing out of the room as the two ladies came out chasing her too'

"What Happened" Kushi and Payal asked her as soon as she came running out

"HEY, these women are checking if I am a virgin" Anjali told in a panicked voice

"Holy crap" Kushi muttered "We are gonna be screwed!"

Then the women started to speak all at the same time' and the three girls stood there in frightened silence not understanding a word of what they were telling them.


Arnav stood in front of the officer who was incharge of the search squad which was being sent to search for the three missing girls.

"I want to go in" Arnav told the officer.

"Sorry sir, we cant let this" The officer told him


"The girls are already missing, and it has made to the news' there are reporters here asking us what happened' the local government pressure and on top of this' If you and your friends go in along with the team and get lost'"

"Your search expedition is extremely slow' I want to go and help them.."

"But if you get lost"

"That's my sister who has been lost in there Dammit" Arnav shouted to the officer "Three girls who don't know the ways of the jungle or the tribes there' there are cannibals out there and you want us to sit here and hatch eggs?"

"Sir please understand"

"I am going- If you let me, I shall go with the search team- otherwise, I am going alone" Arnav told the officer

"I can't let you go sir" The man told finally "We will be questioned for your safety as well"

"Fine then" Arnav turned back and walked across the lane, crossing and ignoring numerous reporters who asked him for updates and reached his friends

"He is not letting us"

"What do we do now?" NK asked him

"We will get into the jungle by ourselves" Arnav told determinedly

On the other side of the lane, the Officer incharge called a young constable.

"Keep an eye on those men, they might try to get into the jungle. If they try to attempt entry sluethly, Arrest them." The man instructed.

"Yes sir"

"Safety is my first priority- I cannot get into more headache now. The missing girls have become a nation's news now' and I don't want any more missing cases" The officer muttered.


"Let us go"

"Don't any of you understand English? Not even one word? Hindi?"

The girls kept probing the women in front of them' hoping to find atleast one who can understand their position or to atleast understand their weird language' Why would they want to check if they were virgins?

Then finally it happened. Amongst all that chaos a woman came to the front .

"Stay calm" the woman said much to the girls relief

"You know English?"

"Where were you all this time"

"Thank god' tell them.. tell them that we are doctors' we need to go back to our camp"

"Calm down" the woman told again and tried to calm down the others. She told something to them and then the girls noticed that all the ladies were going out. The woman who could speak English sent the other women out and closed the door.

She then turned to them

"No one is going to listen if you tell them those things. No one would bother" The woman told

"How do you know English?" Anjali asked the lady

"Because that is my native tongue" the lady answered her

They were all surprised with this news... Then they noticed that she looked different from the rest of them though she was dressed the same way. She had painted her skin dark.

Oh god!" Kushi exclaimed "You mean you were also captured by this clan?"


"when I was 14- that was 20 years back" the lady told her as she went ahead and closed all the windows. "Is there no way to get out of here?" Payal asked panic rising in her
The lady looked at her and then the other girls

"May be" she told them noncommittally

There was a brief silence

"What is your name?"




"No one came in search of you?"

"Probably they came, I don't know- No one found me' I am a foreign national- They should have tried to search ' but failed"

"That's sad"

"You didn't try to escape?"

"Numerous times"

"But you didn't succeed?"

She shook her head.

"I was married to one of the men here' and then every time I tried to escape, I was punished' and then I had a baby and it was difficult to escape after that' I had to take my son too.. it all became so complicated'"

There was silence again

"Why do they want to check for our virginity?" Kushi asked the lady, she had a feeling what was going to come' and she dreaded the answer

"Is it something like they won't kill us if we are not virgins or something?" Anjali asked innocently "These people are cannibals right?"

"They are"

"So they are going to kill us?"

"Not for now' they are trying to see if you can be owned- They own you if you are a virgin" Jeane told them

"What? In what sense?"

"Like- a man owns a woman"

"You mean there is going to be three weddings?"

The woman nodded

"Who the hell are they to choose men for us?"

"They won't choose for you' they fight for all of you' the one who wins gets to keep all the three of you"




"God please save us"


"Bhagwaanji' "

To be continued

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Chapter 3

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-23, 10:35

Chapter 3: Deep into the Jungle

Arnav, Akaash and NK were contemplating on how to override the security measures and invade the entry into the forest area. It was then they heard a sudden enthusiasm break into the officer ranks.
One of the search teams which had gone in had returned back and they had brought some news.
"This should be a valuable clue…" One of the men from the search team told his comrade as they crossed the three men to reach to their camp tent.
Arnav and others tried to talk to the officer to see if they found the girls or if they got some clue as to where they could be.
The officer looked busy for some time and was trying hard to avoid the reporters who were thirsty for information. Finally the officer called the three men.
"Mr.Raizada, my search team found some jewelry in the jungle… an Anklet…can you please identify if this belongs to your sister?"
"My sister doesn't wear an anklet- it could not be hers" Arnav told the officer
"Oh then it could belong to one of the other two girls – We do not have their family here…I need to ask their classmates then"
"Can I see if it's Payal's?" Akaash asked the officer.
"Oh sure, if you can identify, it would be great, please come with me"
"Alright" Akaash told him as he and his friends followed the officer to the tent were they had setup their office temporarily.
Arnav and NK stood out when Akaash went it and scrutinized the anklet
"No sir, this is not Payal's" Akaash told him and was about to hand it over, when Arnav saw the anklet in Akaash's hand by chance.
He crossed the distance that separated him from his friend the next moment, snatching the piece from his hand
"This …..this is Kushi's" He said is a hoarse voice as Akaash and NK who followed him in stared at him in Surprise
"Are you sure?"
"I am very certain- I know this is Kushi's- where did your team find this?"
"In the Jungle" the officer told as he got his walkie talkie "Tushar, its one of the girls… can you come in here for a moment?"
A few seconds later a man in his uniform came in a saluted to the officer.
"Tushar, I think we need to follow the blood trail then…"
"Yes Sir, the team is ready to go in again- its getting dark, we would need dogs for sniffing – it would be difficult to get back otherwise"
"I have already asked for the dogs Tushar, the team will be here in a few minutes, you can go in then"
"yes sir"
They saw the man leaving the tent
"Thanks gentleman, you can wait in your camps- we will let you know when we get some news" The officer gracefully dismissed the threesome
"What blood trail are you talking about?" Arnav asked as a cold fear rose in him
"We found some blood near the place where this anklet was found. We have given that sample to the lab, they should be out with some results by now… we will have to see if it is one of the girl's or if it is someone else's"
"What if it is one of the girl's?"
"I don't know sir, it could be anything- we can't say… Any wild animal could have attacked them… or they could have got hurt- we don't know- we will hope for the best"
The officer got another call then and he briefly spoke into the phone.
"They have found the blood to be O +ve- What is your sister's Mr.Raizada?"
"She is AB+ve"
"Payal's is B+ve" Akash volunteered
Unexplained fear and panic rose in Arnav as he struggled not knowing if Kushi was O+ve when the officer tried to find out from her classmates and professor if anyone knew Kushi's blood group.
"I think Kushi's is O+ve" one of the students told the officer. I remember vaguely… I am not sure though"
Arnav shuddered as images of some wild animal tearing a screaming kushi and dragging her off haunted his mind.
He kept throwing his fist in frustration against the tree where the threesome stood. NK nudged Akaash. And the two exchanged glances. They had been doing this a lot for the past one hour after they found him so sure about Kushi's anklet and soon after his agitation when he kept muttering that it should not be her.
"Enough is enough" Arnav told as he took out his mobile and dialed someone.
"Whats got into him?" Akash hushed to NK "Is he worried about Kushi or Anjali?"
NK merely shrugged and smirked.
"Uncle?... uncle this is Arnav……No we didn't get any news yet….. yeh… Uncle one more thing…..What's Kushi's bloodgroup? ……No no nothing- just a precautionary measure that's all….
Yeah oh… Are you sure? Oh fine then(smiles)…. alright….thanks Uncle…Sure uncle….I will let you know"
Akaash and NK stood watching the new side of their friend as he finally finished his call with Shashi Gupta and smiled at them
"Its not her- she is B+ve" Arnav told them and then marched off to rely this news to the officer as the friends saw a spring in his step and stole glances at each other again.
"And if we are not virgins?" Kushi asked Jeanne
"They will kill you" came the reply
"Better than this wedding thing" Kushi commented as the other girls agreed.
"I have a better plan- I am going to tell them that you are virgins" Jeanne told the girls
"for what? Getiing us prospective groom and turning us into sautanis?" Anjali asked her sarcastically
"NO, to buy you all time" Jeanne told her
"We don't get you, how will this buy us time?" Payal asked her
"if there is'nt going to be a wedding they will kill you right away before sunset- if there is going to be a wedding- they would prepare for a grand fight inviting any man who is interested- the one who wins will wed you tomorrow by sunrise"
"So do we get an entire night to escape?" Anjali asked happily
"No…The man who wins this evening then gets to be with you all in the night"
"What?" Kushi screamed "you said the wedding happens in the morning"
"Yes, but the wedding happens after consummation" Jeanne explained as they heard knocks at the door.
Shock coursed through the girls
"This is worser than killing- tell them to kill us off" Payal told Jeanne. The other two agreed. By this time, Anjali had started to weep silently.
"Don't open that door" she pleaded with Jeanne.
"This is not done… simply not done…. " Kushi whispered to Jeanne "you told us that you will help us escape"
The knocks at the door got violent and urgent.
Jeanne looked at the girls
"Do you trust me?"
The girls looked at her for some time before they nodded.
"I am going to open that door and tell them that you are virgins… I shall tell you all what to do to escape from here at the right time"
The girls saw as Jeanne went and opened the door. The Ladies who were sent out stood there as Jeanne told them something and they nodded towards the girls and then they made some weird noise with their tongues and went out to the dais where the men were gathered.

The girls stood in the cottage hearing some cheers from the crowd. Jeanne came in again after a few minutes to see the girls standing against one of the walls of the cottage looking very scared at the floor where a Monkey sat snarling at them.
The search team stood around the area where the anklet was found, a team of men with dogs were there too.
The officer stood there as another man marked the area where they saw maximum blood spots and then the bloody footprints vanished into the mud thereby.
Arnav and his friends stood there as the men kept analyzing what could have happened.
"Sir, I suppose that there was someone here who was hurt and the girls stopped here to help that person. Maybe it was a tribal and as you know, out of fear, the person should have started running and the girls should have chased that person to treat him" one of the men in the search team told the officer.
"But this place is half a mile from the cottage where the girls were working" the officer pointed out
"The girls could have lost their way" someone else pointed out.
"For now we have only this blood trail- we will try and follow where the dogs take us" someone else suggested.
Just then Nk found something glittering in the ground a little away and bent to pick it up.
This gained everyone's attention.
"This is my compass dial" NK declared "I had given it to Anjali"
As Arnav looked on NK continued
"You remember Arnav? She asked you for one and I told her to take mine? This is my trekking compass- its broken now"
Arnav nodded as he recognized the compass dial too.
"Yes Officer, he is right, this was with my sister – she must have dropped it"
The officer took the compass dial in his hands and he too observed it was broken
"This explains why the girls lost their way" he commented. "Alright team start now. Try to find something before sunset today" the officer commanded his search team as the dogs along with the trainers went towards the direction of the blood trail
"But officer, we found the dial on this side… may be they went this way…" Arnav told the officer
"you found it here on the foot of this steep slope.. Do you intend to tell me that the girls might have successfully climbed this steep slope? Sorry but we are following the blood trail." The officer told him "this is more of circumstantial evidence and that is definite evidence"
Akaash pointed out to Arnav where the muddy slope had indications- footsteps which had tried to climb up there and had slipped.
"Yes, may be" Arnav told the officer
"Look Mr.Arnav- this is why I asked you all to wait there- I didn't let you come with us… till this far was fine- I can't let you after this- please go back to the camp…"The man told him curtly and irritatingly
"Jayanth, Have'nt I asked you to keep an eye on these people? Take them to the base camp." The officer told as he went further away to check what the experts had to say about some streaks on blood and foot steps.
The one called Jayanth came near them
"please co-operate with us sir, please come with me"
Arnav, Akaash and NK had no other go but to follow him. Then Akaash saw Arnav removing his watch and throwing it away on the other direction and looked at him curiously. Arnav winked at him and then exclaimed suddenly
"Hey Akaash, isn't there something over there?" Arnav asked pointing to his watch.
This drew Jayanth's attention. They all went towards that area and Jayanth called the others along with the officers, while they were busy with the new find, Arnav sleekly pulled his friend's collars and disappeared behind that steep slope.

To be continued

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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by rrekha on 2013-05-23, 13:53

Hi Abavi,

This is a different theme and its fresh. Good going .Keep it up.

Jumbale jumbale jumbaka jumba. :) :lol!:


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Chapter 3: Deep into the Jungle

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-27, 12:48

Thanks dear!

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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by rrekha on 2013-05-27, 14:56

We want update
We want update
We want update
We want update
We want update
We want update Party1


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Chapter 4- Hopes of Love

Post by Abavi on 2013-05-29, 09:10

From the author's desk: Thank you so much for your comments dear... Am I inducing laughter in you with these odd customs that I imagined up... its purely imaginary and I soon hope to write the part where the girls escape from these tribes and get a chance to call them done and we would get on with the actual plot of the story...

Happy reading!
Chapter 4- Hopes of Love

The three men found themselves on the other side of the steep bend which had no indication of the girls being there the day before... They started to walk, seemingly looking out for things that the girls might have thrown in order to leave them clue either intentionally or unintentionally... Soon the vegetation changed from pine trees to a land which was overgrown with wild vines and moss and half buried in the muck. Not knowing if they should proceed further, they started to walk along side the land which was still hard enough to hold their weight. Thus they accidentally stumbled upon a path which looked worn out and much used- the path that was bodered by trees on one side and muck on the other side... a path that they were not aware that it would take them to the girls.
"Its Strange you know... I was speaking to some of the men in the search team... and they were telling me tales of some brutal slayings and dimemberments that they see sometimes in these forests and they even told stories of cannibalism and how people who get missed in this part of the forest never return back" NK told them.

Akash groaned and Arnav shot back a furious look at NK to shut him up.

"I..I just hope these stories are not true" NK told Arnav apologitically as he focused his Camera on a spot faraway

"Is it so important for you to click these places?" Akash asked annoyedly

"This is an SLR- I am actually using it as a binoculor" NK explained his friend "This moss land continues for some more distance... I can see a patch of trees coming up again"

"You cant be sure at this distance... " Arnav told him "May be its a good idea to collect some woods" Arnav started picking up dried sticks on the other side of the path

"Why?" Nk asked him "We have battery operated torches and enough battery spares"

"Those wont drive away the wild animals" Arnav told him

"You mean, there could be wild animals around here?" NK asked him looking around in a scared way

Arnav didnt answer him, but went on picking up some woods and dumping it into his back pack.

"Its darkening" Akash observed

"Lets make it quick then, we will try and cross this before night fall" Arnav told him "The Muck might be dangerous if we wander off into it after sunset... they could have quick sands in them"

"And then?" NK asked "Do you intend to set up the tent at the patch I see?"

"We are not roaming around here to camp NK... We will not think about resting until we find them"

"I didnt ask about resting" NK muttered as he followed his friends "I feel hungry and cold... We didnt have anything from morning.. Does Love make you both hunger less too"

At this Akash looked at NK questioningly, NK smirked at his friend.
Arnav turned back slowly and then looked at both of his friend who were exchanging looks but never said anything and continued to walk

The other two raised their eyebrows at this and followed him. Their looks plainly told eachother that they need to talk with their friend again about this soon...


"Bobo" Jeanne called out "get away from them. You are scaring them"

"Is it tamed?" Anjali asked Jeanne as the monkey retraced back and climbed up on the bamboo which was used to hold the roof of the cottage.

"He is" Jeanne told her and then turned and spoke to Bobo

"Where is Shama? Go fetch him- I need to speak to him"

Bobo seemed to understand her and left the place immediately

"Who is Shama? " Kushi asked Jeanne

"Another pet of yours? may be a dog? Are they going to help us escape from here? like bollywood movies?" Anjali asked Jeanne who looked at her in a confused way.

Payal kicked Anjali's leg making her yelp in pain.

There was a knock at the door.

"That must be Shama" Jeanne told to no one in particular and then opened the door to let a man in.

"You called me?" he asked in perfect english and the girls noticed that this man was also looking different from the crowd.

"So you are Shama? but your name sounds like a girl's name" Anjali exclaimed before yelping in pain again as Payal kicked her again.

"You know english too?" Kushi asked him "I mean when we were screaming out there asking if anyone knew english..."

"Our chief doesnt like us speaking in english" the man snapped at her

"Oh, so how many of you here can speak english?"

" Only we both"

"Are you both brother and sister?" Payal asked them

"He is my son" Jeanne replied to the girls shock

"Son...This big son... I thought you were young" Anjali told her

"I became a mom at 15" the lady told as she got herself busy with certain things which looked like tribal costumes.

The girls were so overcome with grief at the lady's fate that they didnt try to speak anything after that.
Jeanne finally dropped those costumes at a platform which looked as if it served as a table.

"Change into this... the tribe is getting ready for the fight..." She told them

"And what about our escape?" Payal asked her

Jeanne didnt answer her directly. She went to Shama

"I want you to fight for them." she told him "If you win, we have the whole night to help them escape from here"

"Oh.. Wow... yes... Very very fab plan... Try and win Shyam... I mean Shama... then we can all escape from this hell" Anjali blabbered happily as her friends looked at her amusedly

Shama looked at Anjali for a moment before he turned to his mother and looked at her plainly

"Father is fighting too" he told Jeanne as she closed her eyes tightly

"Your Dad?" Kushi asked him "I mean Jeanne's husband too.. Are married men too allowed to fight too ?"

"Chee.. No sharam at all- No moral values... Dont worry Jeanne - we wont I mean we will never try to become your Sauts.. we dont actually fancy them" Anjali told her

"That doesnt make a difference anyway... He has 7 wives already " she told Anjali and then turned to Kushi " Yes, Married men fight too... These clan practice polygamy- if you know what I mean"

Disgust spread through the girl's blood as they stood without any other option but to take this bet. Jeanne looked at Shama who was still quiet

"I know you dont like or approve these sorts of fights... but if you win, we have a chance to get these girls out of here... and again I know you have very little experience in these fights" Jeanne told Shama

"He has very little experience? I thought with a well built body like that he can win easily..."

"There are 95% chances that..." Jeanne started to say

"that he will win?" Anjali asked excitedly

"that he will NOT win this" Jeanne told her "You see my husband is the head of this clan and he fights to kill - he wouldnt even spare any of his sons when it comes to this"

The girls stood there as the reality of the situation sank into their hearts.

"Oh my god..." Payal shuddered to think

"Then you must not let him fight" Kushi told Jeanne

"We dont have much choice..."Jeanne told Kushi and turned to Shama

"What about his wife and children?" Anjali asked

"I dont have neither" Shama told directly looking at Anjali and then turned to his mother

"I will try my best" he said at last

" I am sorry Shama... Sorry for doing this to you"

"Dont worry about me... But have a back up plan.. In all probability if father wins... Prepare them to do what they have to do"

Saying that Shama turned and left the cottage.


As the day started to darken and it was no longer possible to walk without switching on the torch light, the men had already crossed the moss and had reached the woods on the other side. Arnav took out a thick log and lit it up just in case they encountered some wild animal.

"Can we catch our breathes for a while?" NK asked Arnav who seemed as if the tiredness hadnt struck him at all

"5 minutes" he barked at his friend and the men unwinded to rest and refresh themselves with chocolates which were the only food that NK had stacked when they knew they would be going on a expedition like this

"Very light, but gives back your energy in 5 minutes" NK told as he threw the wrapper in the ground as he dumped the chocolate into his mouth

"NK!" Akaash shouted "and it invites Ants too... Look out we are surrounded .."

The Chocolates had surely invited the ants and they had to hurry out of there with a very grumpy looking NK and moody Arnav...

The trio decided to practice cost cutting from start and Akaash was asked to carry the torch. Akaash walked behind both of them waving his torch to and fro as NK snapped at Akaash

"Akaash please hold the torch steady- its irritating me..."

"Wait!" Arnav shouted suddenly "Whats that... over there..Akaash you just lighted that area"

Akaash directed his torch towards where Arnav had pointed. They spotted some bones there

"Probably some dead animal" NK suggested but followed Arnav and Akaash to the spot and they found dismemberments of human body, smells of rotting blood and offal wafting from that place.

"is it some offering of some sort?" Akaash asked looking around for some statue which might be their deity, but he didnt find any

"No..." Arnav told as he turned back to get to the path that they were travelling

"So what does that mean?" NK asked

"It means that whatever stories that you heard about the clan is after all true NK... Lets hurry up before it is too late" Arnav told them grimly.

"You think they might have got caught by those cannibal tribe?" Akaash asked Arnav

Arnav looked at Akaash for some time

"Anything might be possible Akaash"

"I wish the girls stayed back.. Why did they have to take up this camp?" NK muttered

"I told Payal not to go... When did she ever listen to me... "

"I hope we are on the right path..." Arnav told them "I can't imagine of the possibilities of situations the girls could be in right now- Anjali... Payal and.. and Ku...Kushi"

The other two looked at eachother. Arnav glanced at his friends exchanging looks and then turned back

"Lets go" he told them plainly

"Arnav?" Akaash called his friend hesitantly as his friend turned and looked at him "Do you still .. I mean .. Are you still in love with Kushi?"

Arnav didnt answer his friend but kept staring at him. NK also stared at Arnav for an answer. He turned back again

"Lets go, its getting late"

"Why do you avoid this question Arnav?" Nk asked him

"let this go NK" Arnav told him in a warning tone

"No, We need to... talk..." NK started to say as Akaash tried to stop him from asking Arnav anything
"Yes" Arnav screamed at NK... "Are you satisfied now?"

There was an awkward silence between the friends... .

It was Arnav who broke the silence again... but this time he was more calmer...

"I cant have any control over it... happens... Love is an emotion that cannot be wiped out..."

"Even after she rejected you?" NK asked him, there was a hint of anger in his tone, an anger that he might have harboured against a girl who dared to hurt his friend by not accepting his love

"She didnt reject me, She never said no to me" Arnav argued with NK

"She never said yes too... and not saying anything and starting to avoid you is as good as saying no" NK pointed out... "and you still harbor feelings for her..."

Arnav looked at his friend

"You are not yet in love with anyone... you wont understand" Arnav said with a tone of finality.

NK started to say something but Akaash stopped him again. This time he succeeded in doing so as he gestured him not to push Arnav further.

"Lets move from here" Arnav said as he started walking ahead. The other two men followed.

The men walked in silence, One carrying hopes of acceptance of his love still alive in his heart and the other two seriously concerned about their friend's state if that hope doesnt hold the promised bliss... and amidst all this, the three girls safety hung grimly over their heads

To be continued...

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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by rrekha on 2013-05-29, 09:39

Hmm now the story moves to serious mode i think.

I think all the 3 girls will have a partner at the end of this escapde.



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Chapter 5

Post by Abavi on 2013-06-06, 15:00

From the Author's desk: Hello people, How is the second anniversary celebrations coming on? Hope all of you are buried in ArHi thoughts... here is the next update for this story... Hope you all will like it.. Love you all seriously... for all your comments for this story.. this hasnt even trodden into Arhi and Rabbeveys still and you people are so patient enough! Would love a little more comments here

Happy reading!

Chapter 5: Darkness all around

There was a long silence between the foursome, as the girls looked on, Jeanne stood staring after her departing son.

"What does he mean?" Khushi asked at last, breaking the silence.

Jeanne turned to look at the girls and then sighed.

"If my husband or any one else other than Shama wins, there will be a consummation ceremony" Jeanne told them as the girls opened their mouth to protest, she silenced them with her raised hand "hear me out" she told them before she continued "You have only one chance then if thats going to be the case"

"What should we do?" Payal asked her

"You have to let that man know that you are not virgins... Men of this clan do not touch woman who were previously touched another man..."

"Oh.. at last... we found one good practice of Mikobas... " Anjali chirped cheerfully as the other two glared at her, silencing her

"Then what happens? they would just let us go?"

"Then they would get angry... there would be a commotion and ... may be they will decide to ..."

"eat us up?" Anjali offered

"yes right" Jeanne told them

"charming!" she commented back

"but then, by that time, the sun would have set and they would have to wait for the entire night to kill you..." Jeanne pointed out

"So precisely thats how we will get time for escape" Payal concluded for all of them.


"But there is a big problem here" Khushi told jeanne and others "How do we let that person know we are not virgins... I mean we dont know their language and they won't understand ours"

"I know... That is the biggest challenge in this plan" Jeanne agreed

"thats not a problem... teach us how to tell them that we are not virgins in your language" Anjali asked Jeanne

"that wont work... They will know it was all planned... " Jeanne told them

"Bhagwanji" Anjali mumbled " here she gives an idea and says that it can't be actually followed"

"I didnt say that." Jeanne corrected Anjali "You might have to prove through your actions to put it across..." she told them all.

As the girls looked terrified at the suggestion, they all heard a cheerful commotion outside.

Jeanne opened one of windows a little and peeped outside.

"They are all getting ready for the fight... Dress up soon... I will come and fetch you later " Jeanne told as she closed the window again and left through the door

"But what do we do..." Khushi shouted to Jeanne as she saw her bending forward to pull the door to close it. " what do you mean by showing through actions?"

"Think what to do... I am leaving that to you" she said as she finally closed the door shut.


The girls started to change their dress in the privacy of their cottage after Jeanne left them alone.

"Thank god, Atleast we dont have to check for hidden cameras here" Anjali told them...

The other two looked at each other skeptically and then glared at her

"What?" she asked them

Payal started to say something but Khushi placed her hand on her shoulder to calm her.

"That's ok.. you can ask me anything, I won't bite you" Anjali told them

"Why were you oogling at Shama?" Payal asked her

"He did have a nice body... Dont tell me that you didnt see that well built..." she started to say dreamily

"Shut up Anjali... Even at this situation... how can you..." Khushi started to say

"Oh my god! Khushi .. seriously all work and no play makes Khushi a mad girl" Anjali chuckled, Payal giggled

"You both are seriously unbelievable' How can you laugh and giggle now yaar? We are in soup and and'"

"we are not yet in soup Khushi' "Anjali corrected her "and that hunk is gonna save us from landing in soup' may be all my signals to him would give him extra power to fight his dadda' "

"unbelievable Anjali " Khushi muttered

"Don't let your brother hear about this.. He will get a heart attack! " Payal told Anjali jokingly. At the mention of Anjali's brother, Khushi looked a little tensed and disturbed. She turned to pick her costume, determined to stay out of the conversation.

"Oh my god... I can imagine what would happen if he gets to know that I have been line marroing a half american- half tribal... No... don't even think of telling him about this even for fun... I dont want him trying to fight Shama... oh my god that would look so funny... Arnav in tribal costume...But but...' he won't understand fun yaar.. Seriously' he can be more serious that our pyaari Khushi you know' sometimes I keep wondering how would a girl actually live with a kadoos like him.. He is loving and kind and all that' but still such a kadoos! Its so difficult to understand him ' but if a girl manages to get into his heart and then' she can rule him' if only a girl finds the key to his heart! I wonder who she would be ' "

As Anjali kept talking about her brother unwittingly' Khushi became more and more restless and she had thought that the girls had inadvertently brought in Arnav's topic' She turned to glance at her friends for a second, and noticed that while Anjali was infact being honestly unconscious and innocent about the topic, She saw Payal throwing a suspecting glance at her and quickly change her expressions when she noticed Khushi watching her.

Khushi gulped. She thought that nobody knew about what had happened between her and Arnav' But off late she noticed Payal giving her suspecting glances whenever Arnav's name was mentioned in their conversations or indirectly commenting about it' Does she know? Maybe she knows' Akaash is Arnav's friend ' He would have told her' But then, she noticed that Anjali still remained clueless about the entire matter ' she sighed ' "if only' "

"I wonder if Akaash knew about us missing' I miss him so much' If we are going to die, I want to see him once atleast" Payal told them changing the topic for everyone's benefit

"Don't you want to see your parents for one last time Payal? You want to see only Akaash?" Khushi asked her friend

"When you fall in love Khushi, you will understand how this feels'" Payal told her pointedly

Both the girls looked at eachother exchanging glances which confirmed to Khushi that Payal indeed knew about her little secret

Khushi turned to look away.

"Everyone has different priorities in life, you can't measure up anyone with what you think is right according to you" She told noncommittally, confusing Payal.

Anjali who was not aware of these untold exchanges between her other two friends, sighed thoughtfully.

"May be they knew' May be they are searching for us' May be there is another chance for us to live" Anjali told them "I wish my brother would come and kill this leader of the clan' Jeanne will be free too "

"How do we wear this?" Khushi asked changing the topic as Payal threw her another curious glance. "it's is very exposing'"

"Yeah I know, I can't wear it too' May be we can wear it on top of our slips' They won't find anything odd" Anjali suggested

The other two agreed. If the girls had suspected that they were up for the most dramatic experience of their life, it was nothing when compared to how dramatic it was about to get.

They were soon ushered into the open arena where all the members of the clan right from young babies to older jantas were assembled. They looked around to find Shama and Jeanne' Though they could'nt spot Shama, they found Jeanne working her way and standing just behind them, giving them her silent support.

Soon some announcement was made followed by a loud cheer.

"What happened?" Khushi asked turning back to Jeanne

"They said they are happy to welcome you three as one of them" Jeanne told her'

As more announcements followed, they found Jeanne murmuring the translations behind them, in a low whisper that they almost missed most of what she told amidst the loud cheer that followed each announcement.

In short, they understood that the fight to win them was announced and some prospective men came forward to participate in it. Each time one of them stepped forward, there was a cheer from some part of the crowd.

"what is with these women? They actually cheer when their husbands intend to bring sauts " Anjali mused as the other two rolled their eyes.

Shama came forward too' he was the one to have the least claps' "Not very popular I suppose" Anjali commented again

Anjali tried to cheer him by clapping for him as she felt a sharp kick on her legs again and her hands pulled down harshly by payal.

"Keep put, you will give our plan away" Khushi hissed at her.

"Hey come on' he needs some inspiration" Anjali replied back but kept quiet after that. But luckily her attempts to cheer for him went unnoticed as another seemingly popular man stepped up and the cheer went up.

Then at last, the clan leader whom they identified as Jeanne's husband stood up and descended his chair to come down to the dais as the crowd cheered the most for him and some of the competitors gasped.

A short announcement followed and most of the men left the dais. Jeanne told them that they were given a last chance to withdraw from the competition' Then the fights commenced. The girls were told by Jeanne that the fights always followed a hierarchy. Two Senior most people fought and the one who wins it fights with the next senior in line' They also noticed that the clan leader, Jeanne's husband was the fieriest of the lot and everyone who fought with him, finally landed up in their bleeding state inside a circle which was in one corner of the fighting arena. There were boos when someone landed there.

Jeanne explained them that anyone who lands there actually degrades himself and wants to save his life and its actually a shame' but if anyone lands there, the other person won't kill him.

Finally it came to Shama and his father. The girls to their horror found that Shama was not at all half good a match to his father. But though Shama didn't give up and tried his best, he didn't volunteer to go to that circle.

What followed was a highly nail biting phase of time for the girl when they wished that Shama would atleast save himself by landing there on the circle of shame. But he didn't, and horror stuck them as Shama lost his spear and in a swipe his father pushed him down and put his spear pointing close to his head.

Jeanne let out a scream, which sounded eerie amongst the others in the clan who was unnaturally quiet.

"Try and get to that circle, its very close to you'you can crawl" Khushi screamed.

"Oh my god" Payal gasped

"Hello you can't kill your own son' what kind of father are you?" Anjali shouted too.

In that state Shama turned to look at the girls and his mother. But then something unnatural happened after that' His father threw the spear away to the surprise of the entire clan.

He told something in their language and the crowd cheered.

"Whats it?" Khushi asked Jeanne who opened her eyes in relief

"Is it something like he is giving us to Shama?" Anjali asked Jeanne in hope

"No, he said that since this was the first time Shama decided to fight, showing symptoms that he is actually one amongst them, he made his father happy and he is letting him go"

"Oh shit'" the girls sighed.

Finally as it dawned that the fights were over and the clan leader had emerged a winner again, the clan cheered for their leader. The ceremonial dances and cheers started around the girls, who for the first time in their short span at the Mikoba clan's dwelling, started to realize the enormity of the danger they were in.


"Get me out of this hell hole" NK Shouted to his friends who stood not knowing what to do or how to take him out.

The trees filled pathway they took after the moss land, looked promising but it was all but that. They realized to their utter horror that it was filled with traps of all sorts that the humans had laid for intruders and wild animals coming their way.

Though they were discouraged at first, they derived strength from the fact the since these traps were laid in the stretch, it also meant that they were on the right track and they were nearing the clan's dwelling. Though they were mostly lucky in escaping many such traps, given that they were passing through the stretch in the dark with torch lights and a fire log to keep the wild animals away, NK finally fell into one of the holes which was dug to trap an animal and none of the other two were actually equipped with anything to get him out.

"Guys' Think something" NK called out from below.

"We are not standing here relishing your predicament Dammit'" Arnav shouted back at him "All that we wanted from you was a little cautiousness and there you go and fall into a shit hole' We are left with no torch'NO SWITCH IT OFF-YOU ARE BLARING IT ON MY FACE "

"WHAT DO I DO, you complain you don't have light and when I show you one you shout"

"That's why I asked you give the spare torches to me" Akaash complained.

"PLEASE GUYS DO SOMETHING' WE ARE WASTING TIME' " NK told them both exasperatedly

This seemed to put Arnav on wheels as he started looking around with the little light that he had with the fire log.

"Where are you going? Don't leave me alone here" Akaash said as he followed Arnav

"GUYS' Are you both leaving me to rot here?" NK shouted panicking if he had actually done wrong to remind his friends of their respective love, making them forget about him "I have been your friend for so long' its not fair to forget your friend for your love" NK kept shouting not knowing whether they could hear him or not' he stamped against a mass which looked like spoilt meat of some dead animal which had unfortunately fell in before him- probably days before and is rotting here' The smell getting to him making him puke, NK stood there not knowing what to do.

Finally after what seemed to be a long time for NK, he heard noises again.

"IS that you guys?"

Then he saw something intruding the moon light from the mouth of the hole. At first he thought it was another animal, but then realized it was just a branch that was being lowered by his friends.

"This is the longest we could find" Arnav shouted to his friend. "See if you can reach it and climb up"

It was as Arnav told - short for the length of the hole and NK was not able to reach it. Finally after some trying, NK tried to find some holds using the bones from the rotting meat which would let him reach the branch.

After trying for little over an hour they finally got him out successfully.


"Oh shit.. he looks ugly" Anjali said as she took a look at the lead man properly' "very difficult to believe that he is Shama's father' he is downright scary at close up' I cant even imagine how its going to be"

"Anjali please keep quiet for a while' please'" Payal begged her as Khushi turned to look at Jeanne.

"No no, I didn't mean to hurt you Jeanne' Its just that I don't find your husband attractive.. but that does not possibly mean that he is not handsome and all that " Anjali told Jeanne'

"Are you for real?" Khushi asked shutting her friend's mouth' "Jeanne' is this it?"

"This is it.." Jeanne told her' "I can't be there near you girls anymore' You will be on your own until they decide to kill you tomorrow morning' " Jeanne told very quickly noticing that she won't have time to explain in detail.

As the winning party proceeded to one of the decorated cottages, the girls found themselves being garlanded with curious flowers by some ladies as a way of inviting them inside their house.

The old man was beside them too' as they were being garlanded and he got the biggest chunk of it.

"Its not going to improve his looks anyhow' why do they try anyway?" Anjali spoke out again

The man looked at her and commented something that aroused giggles and laughter from the surrounding people

"What did he say?" Payal who was nearest to Jeanne asked her

"He says that she talks too much and he would like shut her up first"

"Meaning?" Khushi panicked

"He would lay her first"

"yucks' " Anjali gasped as other two girls clutched her in panic.

They were invited into a cottage and some songs were sung before the ladies started to vacate the cottage one by one' the old man had not entered yet.

"This should be their griha pravesh" Anjali noted. Payal was too dreadful to say anything. Khushi gave an exasperated grunt. "But these flowers smell good isn't it? I am trying to place which popular perfume has this scent'" she carried on, but Khushi didn't tell anything to put her off' She knew her friend' whenever situation was very grave, Anjali always tended to act cool and normal- just to get a grip of herself.

"We will be alright Anjali" Khushi murmured softly. Anjali turned to look at her friend.

"OH MY GOD KHUSHI" Anjali hushed back at her "you don't know how tensed I am ' I love you so much' and payal too'" she told in a shivering voice as she hugged both the girls.

"I love you too girls' Calm down Payal' we shall work this together" Khushi told them as she hugged them back. "we will" she assured herself, taking deep breathes to calm herself down

"Khushi.. How the hell are we going to tell him we are not virgins ' when we are actually one?" Payal asked her in a shaky voice. "Oh god, help us with some miracle... How I wish it was with Akaash I did it first...'"

"You will do it with Akaash.. have hope" Khushi sighed as she noticed that the ladies have finally left the girls alone , Jeanne almost gave her apologetic look before she turned to leave the cottage too before that lead man would come in.
"So here we wait for that old goose who is our fiance- and he wants to lay me down first" Anjali moaned' "Do any of you girls really have a plan or do you intend to bring Shama's step brothers into this world?"

Payal started to look around. "Maybe we could find something to hit him on the head and kill him?" she suggested, but then there was nothing which could help them with that mission.

Khushi stood there thinking hard' there should be a way out of this.. someway ' Devi Maiyya,Please help us'. She prayed hard. "show us a way to get out of this crap situation"

To be continued'.

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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by rrekha on 2013-06-06, 15:25

Dear Abavi,

I was literally ROFL .I tried my best not to ROFL while reading this as I am in my office.
"Do any of you girls really have a plan or do you intend to bring Shama's step brothers into this world?" Thats the highlight.

When they share these experience with others
Expressions of three will be
Arnav- Rolling Eyes
Akash- Shocked
Nk- ROFL :*lol*:

Eagerly waiting for the Suhaag raat part..... :*tngo*:


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Chapter 6

Post by Abavi on 2013-06-14, 09:38

Chapter 6: At the brink of escape
Khushi clutched the pillar with her sweaty hands as she saw the potbellied clan leader entering in...
"yucky!!! He looks like a chimpanzee na' he only needs to hit his chest with his hands' then may be he will be a gorilla' now now look he is doing exactly that" Anjali told in a scared tone as she moved closer to the other two girls'
As the man approached Anjali, the girls saw her panic, all her attempt to play cool lost in fright'
"Look' you don't know who my brother is' He would strangle you in seconds if he knew you actually wanted to lay me down' let alone' trying to touch me' " she said as she turned around and threw down a pot of water kept there towards the approaching man.
The man told something which they couldn't understand' and yet his tone was clearly hinting at the fact that he was'nt enjoying this'
"He is too strong to beat him up" Khushi thought "Devi Maiyya' what do we do?"
"Look we are not virgins' no virgins' you understand? You bull dog!!! We are doctors man' oh god' Khushi .. do something'." Anjali kept screaming all the while' Payal had gone quiet with terror and fright, may be silently weeping too' Khushi stood there not knowing what to do'
As she saw the man pulling Anjali's protesting hand, something in her woke up' it was like she had known it always what to do' it was like she was scared to admit it to herself' Is that what Jeanne would have hinted at? Is that why Jeanne hadn't told it aloud' But there was no time to waste'
Let me go you dumbo' I don't like you ' Anjali's screams made her move towards him'
The next set of events made Dumbstruck Payal and even the frightened to wits Anjali open their mouth's wide in surprise.
Khushi did what was the only way to make that man believe that she was not a virgin' She had to seduce him' She threw herself between the man and Anjali'
"Take it slow will you'" She said in most sexiest husky voice that she could conjure up at that point' putting her hand on his chest ever so lightly to push him away from her friend's proximity'
"Khushi" Payal hushed in shock' as she saw her friend taking off her tribal wear and standing in front of the tribal man in only her slips and knee length tights'
"What the hell is wrong with you" Anjali exclaimed in shock'
"Girls' take my cue' we need to behave like s**ts'" Khushi told the girls but was giving an impression to the confused man that she was actually talking to him.. her seductive tone intact, giving signals to the man
"What?" Anjali asked again
"The dumbo doesn't understand English'dear" she told as she started walking around him and making an expression as if she was not impressed'
"What do we do now?" Payal asked in a shaky tone
"tables turning game ...make him feel what we felt minutes ago.. panic..." Khushi replied' as she poked the man's chest as if checking him out' "make sure you both sound as if you are mocking him"
The girls soon picked up her clue.. They giggled making the man more puzzled as he looked at them as if he didn't expect them to be this open
"Oh my god' I cant believe I am doing this' but still papa.. you suck!!!" Anjali came towards him, taking a sugary sweet tone.. "you don't know what we are upto'" she said touching the man's cheek' "I feel like slapping this sooo hard' " Anjali continued as she stressed on Sooo in a seducing tone'.
Payal joined them too' the girls kept conversing with eachother' but still made the man think that they were actually commenting and conversing to him'
"such a pot belly" khushi told them as she pulled down the numerous strings which were around his neck'
"yeah' when he dies' his sons can sit and eat his belly alone for days'" Anjali commented again
"Are we doing the right thing girls' what if he is aroused?" Payal asked her friends' trying to figure out what to do
"Don't even go near that" Khushi warned Payal
"Oh god' why do you have to remind me of that? Shucks!!!" Anjali commented, inviting giggles from the other two'
"do we have to take off the clothes too'"
"No stay in it' I did it to stupefy him"
"Alright what now?"
"Push him down" Anjali suggested'
"and what" payal asked
"make him think we are gonna _________ him" Anjali told again
"at your best girls" Khushi told them as she gave the man a hard shove' The man least expected it and stumbled across the floor' as the girls stood around him, giving him looks as if they were gonna eat him live, He got up hurriedly and squeaked something in his language'
"That has got his little brain working'" Khushi told as she blew a kiss in the air'
"not so fast maggot darling!" Anjali said as the man tried to move away from them' holding on the one of the strings of his long hair' which did look like a long maggot'
This finally forced the man to make his way out as hastily as possible. They saw him hitting the door open and jump out and shout angrily about something to the startled group outside'
As soon the man stepped out, Khushi who had been feeling so uncomfortable all the while in her slips and tights, started to wear her tribal outfit, picking it up from where she had discarded'
"Whats happening?" she asked in her normal tone
"I don't know ' our act has got him scared I think" Payal told her
"Scared? He is out of his wits' he didn't know that girls can be this dangerous" Anjali told her as Khushi joined the other two as they peeped out of the window, trying to figure out what was happening outside'
"you idiot' I told you to do one thing and you failed that" the officer shouted at Jayanth'
They had just returned back to the camp to find that the three men had disappeared.
The search team which had traced the blood prints had taken them to the Jerowa camp itself' and soon they found out that the hurt boy was actually a Jerowa tribe kid and he was being bullied by some men from the other tribe' the girls had stepped in to help and had been in trouble themselves'
Now on top of that the three men were also missing now'
"As if we needed more trouble" The officer spat'
"Sir" Tushar approached the officer "None of them from this tribe is ready to accompany us. They say the route that the men took is full of pits and there is a moss which could be dangerous with quicksands' Wild animals roam around too in the night.. we have to wait till the morning"
"To hell with them' They endangered their own lives" the officer threw his hand in air exasperatedly
The girls sat down on the hard floor, clutching eachother's hand' not knowing what happened' not knowing if their act has actually saved them or if it has pushed them into further trouble' The room was dark and it seemed that no one had bothered about them anymore'
Things happened very fast after the man stepped out and shouted to the crowd' The girls grew very awkward as the clan watched at them in a very repulsed way. Some of them even shouted and spat at the ground'
Jeanne was asked to come forward and something was asked to her' The girls didn't understand what she told, but then the crowd protested for that' the man shouted angrily- and the others shouted as if to acknowledge and agree to his decision' the girls were then locked inside the room' and they knew nothing after that'
"Are we safe or not?" Anjali asked after a long silence'
"No idea" Payal said'
"Atleast we are safe from that man'" Khushi told them
"It was one helluva act Khushi' I didn't in my wildest dreams imagine that you would do that'" Anjali told her
"I don't know what to do Anjali' that man was touching and pulling you' I had to stop him'" Khushi told as she shivered a little' now that the terror was at bay, she felt so disgusted at what had happened then
"But still' taking off the clothes?" Payal exclaimed
"He looked like he would throw himself on Anjali anytime' You saw where his hands were' didn't you" Khushi asked as Anjali shuddered'
"yeah I know' don't remind me that.. I want to forget it 'I want to puke'"
"I had to gain his attention' I didn't know what else to do"
"Don't worry' you were in your slips and tights' anyway' I will vouch for you in future' I will tell that it was unintentional and it doesn't count as cheating" Anjali told her
"What?"Khushi asked confused
"to whom would you vouch?" Payal asked Anjali
"to her future love.. her future husband ofcourse'." Anjali told innocently
To which Payal coughed a little "yeah ofcourse" she said mockingly
"If we manage to go from here alive.." Khushi told pointedly,
"agreed' " Payal told "then Anjali can tell your husband to be that it was not intentional undressing"
"I don't have any husband to be yet" Khushi hissed at her friend aiming to kick Payal in dark and instead getting Anjali's feet
"What was that kick for? And who kicked me?" Anjali exclaimed
"Some noise.. " Khushi told suddenly "I can hear some noise"
"What noise?" Anjali asked scared
"Nothing' Khushi kicked you and she is trying to divert your attention" Payal explained Anjali
"No' hushhh" Khushi told her urgently "I can hear something moving around"
Then they all went quiet, as the other two also felt someone or something moving around the room
"Who is that?" Anjali asked in fear
Then they heard a screech as something moved to the window pane and opened it a little sending the moon light inside
"its bobo" Khushi sighed in relief as she got up
"is Jeanne here too?"Payal asked looking around "we need to ask what happened to her"
"yeah, It seemed like she was in trouble"
"then a head popped in the window. It was Shama
"No she is not here' " he said in his tribal accented English
"how are you? Your wounds I mean?"
"I am ok"
"oh god.. you two scared the wits out of us.. what are you both doing here? Why have they locked us in?"
"They have decided to kill you all by sunrise tomorrow" Shama told them
"So our plan worked out?" khushi asked him
"yes' it did' what did you do by the way?" Shama asked as he pushed in their clothes into the window.
"What happened to Jeanne is she alright? He was shouting at her when we saw the last of it" Khushi asked him avoiding the question, the answer to which embarrassed her so much now that the danger was away'
"Because she told that it was her mistake and she actually didn't check but simply asked you all to confirm that you were virgins' and that she now believes that may be you were all not virgins at all considering that you all look old"
"Old?" Anjali asked him in a surprised tone. She was about to tell him how they were only 22 when he spoke again
"He punished her"
"What did he do?" khushi asked him
"he hit her"
"Why?" Khushi asked "she was not at fault"
"yes, it should have been us that he should be angry with' according to him.. we lied right?" Anjali hushed to him
"She was supposed to have confirmed it' We knew this would happen- we knew it will reach there if you girls succeeded.. we were ready'"
"We are so sorry" Khushi told him
"Yeah' I think you and Jeanne should also try to escape from this gorilla gang'" Anjali suggested.
Shama looked at her for a while'as the other two girls exchanged glances..
"change into your dresses' they will come to fetch you soon" he said as he left with bobo
"What do you mean ? fetch us? I thought Jeanne told that they will kill us only tomorrow morning?"
"Yes, but you will be tied there in the centre of the clearing. " he told her as he paused to look at her again.
"Any chance for our escape?" Payal asked him
"I will let you know' "
"When?" Anjali asked'
"Sometime in the night' You three will be offered as sacrifice tomorrow morning' so there will be a special prayer tonight' after dinner, people will assemble at the dias and tie you all three up there' the pooja will happen till well into midnight.. after which you will be left alone until sunrise' You need to wait until that'" Shama told and then went away
"Why is he sounding so mysterious?" Anjali asked as she bit her nails and the other two girls rolled their eyes.. as they picked up their own dresses and changed into it'
When Arnav, Akaash and NK finally climbed the top of a small mound from which a small clearing which looked like a habitat of the tribewas visible, it was well past midnight.
"Is this it?" Akaash asked the other two
"If it is not, I am going to ask them to offer us a bed for the night'" NK told him "there is only this much a man can take with only chocolates and no sleep'"
"You have been having almost 20 chocolates from morning" Akaash reminded him
"Are you complaining now?" NK asked him bitterly' "I don't even have any love interest to keep me going you see' Is it wrong to pursue my love interest with chocolates?"
"Shut up both of you' " Arnav told them' as he moved a little further to have a better view'
The clan seemed to be some weird dance around some three figures
"It is them'" Arnav hissed at his friends, who also tried to get the view.
Nk took out his camera and focussed on the party.
"Yes' it is them' I can see them alright'they are tied up' what is happening.. they are dancing around them"
"No idea'Should we go?"
"No' lets wait for some time" Nk told.. the crowd seems to have stopped dancing now' I can see people leaving the place to their cottages.
"What do we do'" Akaash asked turning back to Arnav
"They are hostages right now' I don't want to risk us also becoming hostages' if these people are barbaric that is' We will wait"  he said as he sat down by the rock. His friends followed suite.
Khushi was tired and exhausted as she stood by the pole where she was tied up. They were standing on a dias which had been raised about 10 feet from the ground level' on which a very fiery deity stood guard. There were several bone like structures by the deity and three of which served as their pole now'Next to her, Anjali was half asleep and tied up and Payal was tied on her right, feeling tired herself
"I hope Shama finds the right opportunity to come and rescue us" Payal told Khushi
"Yeah" Anjali mumbled on the other side of Khushi' "why don't they feed us something.. I am very hungry' and seeing that it is our last night on this earth, they should have let us sleep too"
"I miss Akaash" Payal told them
"Arnav" Khushi whispered suddenly
"No I meant Akaash'I want to see him" Payal told her again
"Khushi's brain is getting all jumbled up with hunger" Anjali giggled'"Khushi, Payal loves Akaash and Arnav is my brother- remember?"
"No.. "Khushi started to say
"You don't remember.. how sad'"
"No I mean.. I saw Arnav'"
"What?" Payal asked her confused
"Stop dreaming Khushi" Anjali told her "my neck is aching'I keep falling off as I try to sleep"
"No I thought I saw him'" Khushi said as she tried to search again in the dark'
"Very interesting.."Payal told her "It is told that people usually dream up loved ones at their time of death' our death is nearing Khushi"
Khushi didn't comment anything but glared at Payal and quickly looked at Anjali. She had slept
"how can she fall asleep in a second?" Khushi exclaimed
"you know her.. she is always like that"
Soon Khushi and Payal gasped as a hand appeared on the dias. The girls heard some whisper.
"Push me a little up" Khushi heard a husky voice which belonged to someone she knew too well' a voice which was capable of driving her heart into frantic dhak dhaks' then as if in a dream Arnav's head appeared above the Dias. He climbed up with a thrust up and then reached out to help Akaash climb up too.
"NK.. watch out if anyone is approaching" Arnav whispered back down into the ground where NK must be standing.
Khushi thought she must be really dreaming' but then she heard Payal's gasp
"Akaash, Is that you?"
"yes dear.. we came at last"
"I missed you so much.. I though I will die without seeing you"
"I too dear" Akaash said as he came forward and embraced his Payal.
Arnav stood as if in trance as he saw Khushi who also looked at him and then averted her eyes. He then moved towards his sister who was fully asleep now.
As Anjali jerked awake sensing movements near her, she shouted "Stay off from me you jerk' I am not your wife.. and I am not virgin' you moron' I am your head's ex- fiance'"
"Anjali" Arnav hissed "Shut up! I am your brother"
"Arnav'." Anjali almost shouted in a rhyming cry "you came at last?"
"Yeah.. and keep the voice low' or you will wake the entire clan"
"My legs are aching Arnav.. I am hungry'"
"alright .. Alright' Go down' Nk has got some chocolates' ok?"
"I was so scared bhai" she said as soon as her ropes were cut by her brother and she hugged him tight
"I know Anjali' don't worry,.. I am here na' Everything is going to be alright'"
She nodded at him and then tried to go down.
"Where are you going?" Arnav asked
"there are steps on the other side' They brought us that way" Anjali explained'
"Oh.. I was wondering.. we didnt know that ...we had to climb up"
He stood watching as his sister reached the ground safely and then turned to Khushi who was still tied up and slowly moved to her
Khushi stood still and her breath hitched as she realised that her heart beats had increased in speed with his every move closer and as he leaned closer to her to untie her, a mild waft of his cologne mixed with his own sweat reached her lungs, making her breathless.
"How did you know?" he asked her throatily
"What?" she stammered
"How did you know it was me?"
"What are you talking about?"
"You called my name when I reached the bottom of the dias' I heard you'" he said
She chose to keep silence
"You would know me even in darkness don't you.. you can sense me' ... still you would deny having feelings for me isnt it'"
"Untie me fast" Khushi stammered again
He stared at her for a moment and then cut her rope angrily, freeing her and stepping aside.
On the other side, the love birds had finally finished hugging and cuddling eacother and they started to descend down the dias together, behind them Arnav and Khushi came down, highly uncomfortable with what ever transpired between them few minutes before.

As they all reached down, a sudden tension gripped them all as they sensed some moments around them in the dark...
Had the tribe come back? did the clan know that their hostages have been trying to escape and had almost escaped? What will they do if they knew there were more edible humans at their disposal?
Even as Akaash pulled Payal closer to him, Arnav deligently took a startled Khushi's hand and moved in front of his sister who was munching chocolates intending to protect both of them...
NK turned to his back and asked "who is that?" into the darkness...
To be continued. 

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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by luvbug on 2013-07-16, 22:41

Oh so jungle tales is here tooo...yay!


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by muskaansobti on 2013-07-17, 08:34

Awesme ...dey found dem
Y khushi s denyng her feelngs towards arnav......


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by Anu179 on 2013-07-25, 13:53

Iss ka updatewa bhi Kari ka padi....Anjali is her wittiest best in this one....plz update this one too......xoxoxox


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Chapter 7: Back to square one

Post by Abavi on 2013-07-26, 10:55

From the author's desk: Hello lovely people, I am back again with another JT update. I know I have delayed this update so much, all thanks to my suddenly demading work schedule. I am trying my best to give you all regular updates. Trust me, I am really trying my best. Hopefully from next week, Regular updates will start...
Again for this update, you have to leave a comment to read it. I have not gone through the comments for the other two stories yet, I regret not doing it, But I promise to do it soon- as soon as I get some time off my work- This update took me a week of free time to type it down, and yeah, I have to start sending PMs, Which you might have started to think that I have given up for good! No I havent, expect my PMs soon!
Love you all for all your support..
Happy reading!!

PS: If you are not able to view anything below this line, it means that the update is hidden for you, All you have to do is, Login, scroll down to the page and leave a comment in the quick reply section, and come back here... you will find the update down below...
Chapter 7 : Back to square one

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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by Suchi on 2013-07-26, 11:13

Was waiting for this update.. thanks for continuing it..


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by roops82 on 2013-07-26, 11:20

was waiting for this story!!!


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by anjs on 2013-07-26, 11:24

thank you for updating


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by praseetha on 2013-07-26, 11:38

waiting for the update.


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by Mahak on 2013-07-26, 11:50

awesome update...


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by roops82 on 2013-07-26, 11:51

awesome update!! loved anjali and nk..they are true entertainers in the gang with their oncoming comments!!! sheetal is the princess and she is charmed by arnav who doesnt even look beyond khushi!!

arnav and khushi's fight was amazing..fighting though they are caught and in the middle of jungle!! 

i dont want to call her bhabhi :lol!:


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by adi0407 on 2013-07-26, 11:57

hey hieee... iss chap 7 posted here.. coz m nt able to see it.. sorry.. can u plz help me out...


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by Shweta1691 on 2013-07-26, 12:04

I am here Wink


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

Post by ambika1304 on 2013-07-26, 12:09

love the update


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Re: ArHi SS: Jungle Tales - Chapter 8 Upd (16th Aug)

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