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DABH Written Update - 22nd May

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DABH Written Update - 22nd May

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-22, 23:26

Episode starts
with Everyone getting shocked on seeing emily in traditional avatar
with a pooja plate on her hand. (oh no they show all the faces one by
one for 1 minute). Mohit is irritated & meena mocks that she is
looking different & says that it is not that ems who wandered around
in frocks. Chaturi tells that ems look like a carbon copy of bhabho.
Bhabhasa seconds that she was looking like that when they got married.
Sandy asks ems why did she change suddenly. Ems replies that her life
itself changed & she does like this dress. Asks how does she look
now. Sandy nods that she is looking good. Ems gets the blessings from
bhabho. Bhabho asks her to give respect to sandy as jethaniji. Meenaa
wants respect for her too. Ems apologises to sandy & gives aarti to
kamla & kamla wishes her & appreciates her. Meena worries abt
sandy on one side & ems on the other side.

Emily keeps tilak on the forehead of kamla & co.

Everyone on the dining hall near kitchen. Vik asks suraj abt the
spending on wedding. Bhabhasa tells that it is very expensive. Vik asks
chavi abt what is she reading. Chavi replies economics & vik asks
her whether it is the same in which she failed. Chavi asks him to shut
up. Bhabhasa asks her to eat first. Everyone eat. Mohit informs suraj
abt some chit fund which gives double the amount so soon. Meena gets
shocked. B4 suraj could say something bhabho says that selfishness has
no end & tells that those money were kept for chavi’s marriage.
Mohit tells that they can earn much. Bhabho denies saying that money can
be earned hard & asks him to earn more if he wants to help the
family. Adds that he must start spending for the family as he has got
married now & he is not a kid even now & praises suraj. Meena
seconds bhabho & bhabh shuts her up by saying that vik too has to
spend sumthing & tells that suraj took over all the responsibility
of marriage.

Suraj changes the topic by saying that the food is good.
Bhabho shuts him up not to hide their faults. Bhabho tells that those
money (half of them) weere spent on meena’s godhbharai & mohits
wedding & strictly tells that she will not spend even a single pie
out of that now.

MEena brainwahses ems by telling that if their hubbies had earned
like suraj they would have got respect. & adds that she is not a
learned person like her os that she can work. Ems stares at her.

Chavi gets a call from someone & says that she will give 3000 rs.
Bhabho & bhabhsa asks her what. Meena interupts by saying that
bhabho just told that no one shd spend money like this. Chavi tells that
she needs that for notes or else she would fail.

Bhabho asks chavi whether she wants that for the exams sake. Chavi
nods. Bhabho asks her to take sandy’s notes (sandy nods) but chavi
denies saying that sandy’s notes are too hard to understand as they are
high level notes tells that sandy is computer & she is typewriter
& wants those notes at any cost. Chavi asks for suraj’s help. Suraj
supports chavi (oh no this suraj blindly believes everyone). Chavi
blackmails bhabho that if she wants her to pass she must give her money.
Bhabho tells that its k & asks her to pass & save her pride b4
MIL of her. Suraj gives her the money. Chavi thanks him & assures
him saying that she will pass.

Meena again adds fuel to emily & tells that chavi is ladli of
bhabho & thinks that it is the only way to make ems against bhabho
& tels that she is the sayyani.

Sandy studies in GG room. Suraj comes in running & asks her to
eat. Sandy tells that she is preparing notes for chavi now & says
that she will eat later. Suraj informs her that she has gone for buying
notes & sandy gets upset & says that she doesn’t know. Suraj
tells that her notes (notice) is good & asks her to pick all these
& eat . The papers fall. Both try to pick up. Their hands touch each
other (suraj holds her hand). Sandy blushes
suraj tells sandy (in a husky voice moving closer to her)that he likes
the way she blushes whenever he holds her hand & asks why does she
drop her eyes Sandy blushes.

Precap: Sandy comes to chavi’s room to give
those notes to chavi but she is speaking over phone with someone abt
economics paper. Sandy keeps her notes & leaves but suddenly notices
the economics paper & thinks that the paper is leaked.


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Re: DABH Written Update - 22nd May

Post by anurao66 on 2013-05-23, 06:56


Thanks for the written update.

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