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SBB - Sabse flmy romance , Asad ka ILU *Video Added *

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SBB - Sabse flmy romance , Asad ka ILU *Video Added *

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-23, 15:15

It is the time that is loved by lover's ..Night time under the moon, with tents , fairy lights .. Zoya is dressed in a black Sari, looking very beautiful and Asad is in Black blazer , white shirt and red tie * one could be pardoned if one thought he was dressed as a 5 star hotel steward * ..

Zoya and Asad engage in a passionate dance ..their emotions begin to get heated up Wink .. There are several hugs, close body dancing and eye locks .. Just when Asad is going to say hose Magical words... Something disturbs the love birds wrapped in their own world and they turn shocked eyes towards the source

KSG," Yes, Tanveer always interrupts just when Asad gets to the disclosure point, donno whether Asad will be able to say those words "

Surbhi," Yes, once again Tanveer will interrupt and Asad will not say those words "

Back to the scene ;

Tanveer is seen clutching at some clothes .. Asad rushes to her side and she spins some cock and bull story about being attacked again .. holding on to her hands..

Amrapali," Yes, Asad and Zoya are having some intimate moments, How can I allow that so, tanveer disrupts "

Back to scene,

a helpless tanveer hugs Asad and Asad hugs her back ... Tanveer gives a malicious and triumphant smile at Zoya, who turns her back..

Surbhi," As of now Zoya has thought that something should be done about Tanveer ..what that will be is not yet known"

KSG," Tanveer is telling about her sadistic ex-husband who has come back to torture her and Asad is taken in by tht "

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Re: SBB - Sabse flmy romance , Asad ka ILU *Video Added *

Post by pollyanna on 2013-05-23, 16:20

Request to the Admin:--

Can we have the hair pulling off headwa emoticon ...ONLY for this Tanu-Asad jodi..... Evil or Very Mad

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