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Diya Aur Baati written Update - May 23rd

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Diya Aur Baati written Update - May 23rd

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-23, 22:07

Episode starts
with sandy dropping her papers & suraj help her to get that. Both
their hands collide & suraj holds her hand. Sandy blushes Suraj
moves closer to her & tells her (in a husky voice that he likes her
when she is blushing & asks her why does she blush & look down
whenever he holds her hand. Sandy blushes & tells no Suraj tells
lie. Sandy tells true. Suraj picks papers one by one . Both have an
eyelock Suraj pulls sandy’s nose & Sandy pulls suraj’s nose. Suraj
smiles (blushes). Sandy tells that she will leave to give chavi those
papers. Sandy unknowingly staples her pallo with Suraj’s kurta. Sandy
picks her papers & leaves smiling & blushing. Suraj is dragged
by her pallo & follows her. Sandy thinks that suraj is dragging her
& following & asks the same. Suraj shows the stapled pallo
& kurta. Sandy apologises & asks how it got stapled & suraj
leaves her from the staple.

Ems counts her money to 26500 Rs & puts in a cover. Mohit comes
& stands at the balcony. Ems comes & puts her hand her shoulder
& tells that whatever he thinks is good for the family & tells
that she has 26500 & asks him to invest them in chit fund. She goes
& brings those money & give it to mohit. Mohit thanks her &
tells that he will return after three months when it doubles. Ems tells
that there is no difference btw her & him’s. Mohit asks her not to
tell anyone abt this. Ems wishes him all the best. Sandy looks at them
happily as ems waves to him.

Chavi is busy over phone & sandy keeps the papers & notices
economics Question paper & hears chavi telling that she wd get
100/100 this time. Sandy picks up that paper & finds that question
paper has leaked. Chavi asks sandy how did she enter without asking
permission. Sandy taunts her by telling that how could she do it? Chavi
tells that it is her notes. Sandy denies to believe her & asks her
where did she get this from. Chavi tells that she has no right to ask
her. Sandy asks her whether she bought this out of this money (3000).
Chavi tells that she doesn’t know anything. Sandy tells that she will
inform Principal.

Chavi stops her by saying that why does she trying to beocme good
every now & then & taunts her for doing this & tells that
she can get first rank but not herself (chavi). Sandy denies saying that
it is better to fail rather than gong the wrong way. Chavi pleads
saying that she wants to marry dilip & she can’t understand her
bhashan & pleads her to give it back. Sandy denies &meanwhle
bhabho comes & inquires & chavi replies that sandy is disturbing
her & not allowing to read the notes bought from market. Sandy
tells the truth & tells that she is gong the wrong way. Suraj asks
chavi whether she lied. Chavi tells that her friend gave it by telling
those were notes & tells that everything happens & not everyone
is like sandy to read the full book. Sandy tells that on being bhabho’s
daughter she is doing the wrong which is different from bhabho’s
preachings. Chavi denies saying that what if she fails & dilip
denies her & tells that sandy has a different thinking. & pleads
to give back the paper. (crying crying acting). Chavi asks what it is
for sandy if chavi steals a Q paper. Meena seconds chavi & sandy
denies saying that by doing a wrong thing one can never achieve anything

Break : Bhabho asks sandy to give it to chavi. sAndy denies saying
that whatever it may be she will not allow a wrong thing to happen &
tears the paper
Sandy tells that she will pass when she works hard & she would feel
proud when she passes. Chavi denies & cries that she can’t. Bhbo
stops by telling that she just wants chavi to get married & ready to
take the help of this Q paper too. Sandy gets shocked. Chavi asks sandy
to give back the paper. Meena adds to that. Bhabho tells sandy to give
the paper. Sandy denies saying that she can’t do that adds that for
cheating whatever the reason behind may be it can never become good.
Sandy tears the paper

break: Chavi tells that sandy doesn’t like her passing & earlier
she stopped the marriage which wd have otherwise happened last yr itself
& now by this paper. SAndy gets shocked

Meena asks what she had done & asks her to control her anger.
Chavi tells that sandy doesn’t like her passing & earlier she
stopped the marriage which wd have otherwise happened last yr itself
& now by this paper. Sandy gets shocked. chavi cvries that she will
fail & continuously cries. & suraj comes to her & she cries
on his shoulder. Suraj explains her that one can never be happy by
cheating & it pricks forever & tells that sandy is right. Bhabho
taunts & tells thta she expected him to support his wife & adds
that it is not always his wife is right & asks the opinion of other
family members.
Meena – supports bhabho
Bhabhasa – Tells that it is not the matter of right & wrong &
tells that it is important for Chav to pass. (bhabhsa u too brutus))
Bhabho asks chavi to paste the paper & read.

Sandy picks up the phone & dials.
Suraj comes in & asks her what is she abt to do. Sandy replies that
she is going to inform the principal abt the leaked paper.


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