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Sasural Simar Ka - May 23rd

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Sasural Simar Ka - May 23rd

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-23, 22:20

Simar asks Khushi to prove if she thinks it’s Roli’s duplicate. In
reply, Khushi asks Simar if she can prove that it’s Roli. Simar is
quiet. Khushi asks everyone, anyone comes and says that she is Roli,
will you listen to them? This is your problem.. you trust everyone so
fast. She reminds everyone what happened in Kishangadh. Veeru also says,
I never went to Kishangadh and I don’t know who is Vidya whom Simar
met. He asks Simar if it’s not same vidya whom she brought here now.
Khushi asks everyone to question Simar and truth will be out itself.
Prem says to Khushi no one wants to listen anything from her. All
Bharadwajs take Simar and Prem’s side. Khushi says, I am telling you for
your good. Family asks since when you started worrying about me? Jhumki
is quietly laughing. Khushi says, fine.. I will prove to you all that
she is not Roli, she is someone else. She says, even Sitaji had to give a
test and today Roli will have to give such test.. she will have to tell
everyone where she was until now and with who. Mataji gets angry.. she
tells Khushi, you have no right to ask her such question. Don’t dare to
say such stuff about our bahu. Khushi says, if you’re really proud of
her, then what are you afraid of? You afraid when you hide something..
or is it like you all are involved with them in this plan?

Mataji says, lies and fear are in you.. we have no fear. You want to
know truth, right? Veeru and Khushi nod their heads. Mataji says, but
once it’s proved, I won’t let you or Veeru stay in this house anymore.
Mataji tells Roli (Jhumki) that they trust her, but to satisfy Khushi
and Veeru she asks her where is her maayka. Jhumki gets right. Bhardwajs
ask more questions to satisfy Khushi, and Jhumki gets it all right as
Prem and Simar taught her everything. The next questions is how Roli and
sid got married. Jhumki is quiet and family is confused. Khushi asks
her, what happened? Did you forget or no one told you? You’re his wife
so you should know whether it was arranged marriage or love marriage.
Jhumki is still quiet. Khushi and Veeru laugh. Khushi says, I told you.
Jhumki interrupts, neither it was arranged nor it was love.. it was just
a deal which I did for my Simar didi. This should be enough, right? Or
should I tell you what color dress I wore that day? Bharadwajs are happy
while Khushi and Veeru are not. Khushi asks her more questions, but Sid
interrupts and stops her. He says, no one will ask her anything now.
Answers to all questions is our love. He holds her hand and asks her,
what is the sign that connects us? identity of our love? Jhumki doesn’t
know answer to this question and everyone is again surprised.

Khushi asks Jhumki, why are you looking at Simar? Answer to what Sid
asked. or will Simar tell what was the secret code between you two? Sid
asks Roli to tell him.. I’ve been waiting since long and if it’s not
proven today then I will lose my patience.. Jhumki seems tensed.
Bharadwajs tell her to think and answer.. we all are with you. Mataji
asks Simar why Roli is not saying anything. Simar says, Roli is not
saying anything because she doesn’t remember anything. I had told you
all that Roli has lost her memory so it takes time to recall everything.
Khushi says, if she has lost her memory, then how she was answering
everything till now?

Roli says because when we were coming here, Simar didi told me
everything about everyone. But this is between me and Sid.. I may not
remember anything but I know whatever time I spent with Sid.. they were
memorable. She starts her nautanki now and says, I get angry at myself..
how can I forget most important thing of my life? I wish I had
remembered all those moments.. then I wouldn’t had to stay away from my
family for so many days. I tried a lot, but couldn’t remember. When
Simar didi showed photos, I realized all are my own people. Khushi says,
I know very well you’re acting.. stop your drama. Jhumki does more
emotional dram.. I pity myself.. I have to prove my own family that I am
roli. Seems like Bharadwajs are feeling bad. Prem and Simar are happy.

Precap: Police at bharadwaj house. Khushi
tells them that they have Roli’s death certificate which means she is
dead. Police ask Mataji if they have death certificate. Mataji says,
yes. Police then says, then she will have to prove that she is Roli


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