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YRKKH Written Update - May 28th

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YRKKH Written Update - May 28th

Post by Tanthya on 2013-05-28, 23:56

Naksh is crying badly and wants to go home
At home everyone is crying. Maheshwari house and nandini is over
Kidnapper calls

Naksh tells them want to come home and akshara calms him down
Kidnapper asks them to bring money within a few hours

Women comes at kidnapper house yelling at him and yells at naksh and adks him to eat

Kidnapper gives naitak akshara 2 hours to bring money

Naksh is crying and kidnapper shouts at naksh

Naitak and police goes to the location kidnapper gives
Kidnapper comes to knw and shouts at them and tells naitak to come alone

Everyone at home is crying
Naksh again cries badly

Precap: akshara is missing and goes to look for naksh


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